After debuting with the single album ‘SQUARE ONE’ on August 8, 2016 at 8 pm, BLACKPINK has written a new history of K-POP with tremendous attention and headlines! In fact, did you know that they might have been called ‘PINKPUNK’ before debut? It is said that the team name was confirmed as ‘BLACKPINK’ just a month before their debut. ‘Pink’ is expressed as the prettiest color and ‘Black’ the reversal of it. The name contains a meaning of ‘What you see is not everything’ and ‘Don’t look at only the pretty side’.

This member’s powerful dance and rap strongly infuses ‘Black’ image to BLACKPINK. She shows charismatic performances on stage, but is actually cute and the youngest member of the group. Can you guess who the next member is?! It’s the last but not least, Lisa!!!

TMI Series ep.19


Source from YG Entertainment

-Name: Lalisa Manobal (ลลิษา มโนบาล) A.K.A Lisa

-Her name used to be Pranpriya Manoban (ปราณปรียา มโนบาล) but changed her name to Lalisa

-Thai usually have a nickname called ‘chue len’ in addition to their real name. Lisa renamed her real name from “Pranpriya” to Lalisa which is her ‘chue len’

-Born on March 27, 1997 in Buriram, Thailand

-Lisa was born in Buriram but moved to Bangkok when she was 3 years old

-Height: 166.5cm, Weight: 44.5kg, Blood type: o

-Family members: parents, 4 cats; Leo, Luca, Lily, Lui (Lily is Lui’s daughter)

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Because of Lisa’s small and three-dimensional head, large eyes, dark outline double eyelids, and long legs & arms, many people misunderstand her as mixed race but she is actually pure Thai

-Her dad is from Switzerland but is step dad who remarried Lisa’s mom when Lisa was young

-Since childhood they all lived together so Lisa’s step dad is basically her father

-Lisa’s step dad, Marco Bruschweile is a renowned master chef of Thai culinary

-Thanks to her father, Lisa could eat various dishes including both Thai and Swiss cuisine at home

-But her favorite food is Gamjatang

-Hobbies: photography, collecting cameras, watching movies (animation)

-Since she is a camera collector, she has many famous bodies regardless of digital or film cameras

-Lisa likes to take pictures of BLACKPINK members and her best model is Jennie

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-When Lisa was in Thailand, she attended an international school that taught both Thai and English

-Ever since Lisa was in elementary school, she enjoyed listening to K-pop such as Big Bang and 2NE1, and showed interest in dancing and singing

-After taking classes at a dance academy, she joined a dance crew called ‘we zaa cool’ and participated in various singing and dancing contests

-The only participant who passed ‘2010 YG Entertainment’s Thailand audition’

-In April 2011, Lisa joined YG Entertainment as a trainee when she was in second year of middle school and practiced for 5 years and 3 months until she made a debut

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-At the beginning of her trainee period, she spoke mostly in English, but since her goal was to debut in Korea, she was encouraged to use only Korean

-Lisa couldn’t speak Korean at all so she had a very hard time learning Korean

-Just before her debut she took one-on-one lesson with a Korean teacher for 2 hours every day

-Lisa also watched a lot of Korean dramas to learn the language

-She especially liked the drama <Goblin>. She watched it over and over and because of that, Lisa became a fan of GongYoo

-Currently, speaking Korean is better than English for her and is said that Korean is much more comfortable

-When Lisa, Rosé and Jennie speak together, they use both Korean and English

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Before debut, Lisa appeared on Taeyang’s <Ringa Linga> Music Video as a trainee

-Among BLACKPINK members, she is the only one who received All ‘A’s in terms of skills and personality evaluation tests as a trainee

-Before debut, Lisa was often called as ‘Liz’ from her nicknames ‘Alice’ and ‘Pokpak’

-Debuted on August 8, 2016 with BLACKPINK single ‘SQUARE ONE’

-Youngest member of BLACKPINK

-Lisa is the only foreign member of BLACKPINK (except second generation) and is also the first girl group member who is 100% foreigner in YG Entertainment (Most foreigners are Korean American)

-Position in the group: main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist

-Usually, Lisa has a lot of rap parts than vocal parts

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-According to Jennie, Lisa memorizes choreography and lyrics the fastest. Most of the time, she memorizes straight away after looking at it for the first time

-Despite being Thai, she sings Korean raps almost perfectly and her pronunciation is very natural

-As soon as Yang Hyun-seok (YG) saw Lisa dancing, he told her to be the main dancer because her dancing skills were great

-Lisa once performed a B-boy technique, ‘Freeze’ on a reality show

-Selected as #1 Female Idol Best Dancer, evaluated by foreign professional dancers. With four factors; Technique, Musicality (melodic), Fluidity, Energy (powerful), Lisa received 40/40 points. She got a perfect score!

-Because of her excellent dancing skills and charismatic performances, Lisa has a lot of foreign fans. Not only she is famous in Thailand and has many home-ground fans but also has many Chinese, Japanese and Western fans

-Lisa has been dancing since young so she has a skinny body with good muscles, long arms and legs, and a very thin waist of 20 inches

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Lisa had been doing the same hairstyle (full bangs) since she was in 4th grade

-When there is a commercial where she has to get rid of her bangs, she won’t take it

-She pays a lot of attention to her bangs. She fixes it with a hair roll first, then dries it, sprays the root, and sprays the tip. She expresses this procedure, ‘frying’

-Lisa is currently the global ambassador of Celine, Bvlgari, and Mac

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

Jisoo and Lisa are the two funny members of the group. When they are together, it’s always loud and they seem to be like real sisters

-Lisa and Jisoo do wrestling and play kicks often. Jisoo mentioned, “When I play with Lisa, it reminds me of playing with my older brother and cousins when I was young”.

-Jisoo gave a bracelet to Lisa as a gift but she doesn’t wear it

-Lisa doesn’t remember at all where that bracelet is

-Jisoo was basically Lisa’s Korean teacher when they were trainees and Lisa followed Jisoo’s words all the time. As a result Lisa talks just like Jisoo

-Jisoo’s nephews like Lisa as much as Jisoo

-Lisa usually picks up BLACKPINK members and turn them around. She also does this to Jisoo’s nephews as well

-When Lisa has to leave, Jisoo’s nephews yell and cry

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Lisa once watched a sad movie with Jisoo but Jisoo didn’t cry, so Lisa tried not to cry as well

-In the past, Lisa wept loud after watching the movie <Miracle in Cell No.7>

-Lisa bothered Jisoo’s puppy ‘Dalgom’ and Jennie’s puppy ‘Kuma’ a lot in the past so they both avoid Lisa

-Lisa rely on Jisoo and cares about her a lot and this is because Jisoo took good care of Lisa when they were both trainees

-Jisoo said Lisa fits the best as a shopping mate and this is because she feels comfortable being with Lisa when shopping

-But Lisa goes shopping the most with Jennie

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Jennie’s parents and Lisa’s parents spent vacation together in Thailand

-when Lisa first saw Rosé, she thought they were almost twins because they had a lot of similar traits

-Jennie explained Lisa as “Lisa is the most unconstrained person. If she wants to sleep, she sleeps anywhere, and if she is hungry, she eats with anyone…”

-Rosé explained Lisa as “Lisa is free from the soul”

-Jisoo said “Lisa sleeps straight away when she puts her head on anything”

Source from Lisa’s Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

-Nicknames: Thai Korean, Long darilisa, Long legs Lisa, Yorisa, Jorisa, Kimlalisaminobalnamsae, Bbeobbeo, nobaldaebal, human vitamin, not human proportion, lalisa photographer, and Barbie

“It doesn’t matter if we’re old or get replaced by a new and younger generation. It’s okay if there’s still someone talking about us. You’ll still remember how bright we shine.”


Did you enjoy TMI of BLACKPINK’s youngest member Lisa, who is often tricked and joked by other members? Whenever Lisa goes on variety shows, she shows her funny dances without hesitation, makes others laugh and comfortable. So you might think she is just a young and cute maknae, but she is actually deep inside and thinks a lot. Lisa first came to Korea because she loved K-pop so much when she couldn’t even speak Korean. I wonder how hard it must have been for her being alone in a foreign country, not knowing anything. That’s probably why she became such a successful singer after going through all those hard times. Thank you for being a wonderful singer Lisa! Please show us more of your wonderful performances!

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