Recently, some photos and videos of BTS members were uploaded on a community and fans were shocked at how much they look alike! In Korea, there is a saying “If you love someone so much, you’ll begin to look like her/him!”. Maybe that’s why they look like each other. BTS members are almost like a family now. Try guessing which one is which by looking at the pictures below 🙂

1. Two Jungkooks?!

Left or Right?

2. V? Suga? Jungkook?

3. When you turn V’s photo upside down, there’s JIN!

4. Maybe not even twins. They are like triplets!

First Suga looks like J-Hope. Then it’s him looking like Jungkook. But moreover, look at the last picture. It’s giving me chills.

5. How they look like each other

source from BTS New YouTube

Can you guys guess who is who straight away?!

Share the link and ask other armys if they can tell them apart!

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