YG’s girl group BLACKPINK made a debut on August 8, 2016. The group shows two sides of their music like their group name. One is a dark and strong side referred as ‘BLACK’ and the other is cute and lovely side, ‘PINK’. These two concepts are in contrast, and show both aspects of the group which is a key point of being loved by the public even by the ones who are not interested in idol groups or k-pop. Let’s take a look at BLACKPINK’s charming third member Rosé, who has a unique voice that captures the audience at once.

TMI Series ep.18


Source from YG Entertainment

-Name: Roseanne Park, Park Chaeyoung (朴彩英) A.K.A Rosé

-Her friends call her Rosie (Jennie often calls her Rosie as well)

-Rosé in French means pink, pinkish

-Rosé has a dual citizenship of New Zealand and Korea, therefore both of her names are legal names

-Height: 168cm, Weight: 44kg, Blood Type:B, Shoe Size: 240mm, Religion: Christian

-Back in Australia, Rosé used to participate in choir at church every Sunday with her friends and went to a Korean language school on weekends

-Family members: parents, older sister (4 years apart), fish called Juhwangyi (meaning orange); Blood-red Parrot Cichlid

-Both of her parents are Korean

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Born on February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand

-The first k-pop artist with NZ citizenship

-Her family immigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia when Rosé was 8 and she is a second generation (Korean Australian) who grew up there

-Rosé’s older sister graduated from Australian National University, Department of Law and is currently a lawyer

-Rosé dropped out of Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

-Since Rosé was born and raised overseas, her English pronunciation is more accurate than her Korean. Also, Rosé has an Australian accent

-Because Rosé moved to Melbourne when she was young, she considers Melbourne as her hometown and really loves the city. She calls herself an ‘Aussie Girl’

-When Rosé debuted, there was an article in an Australian newspaper stating that ‘An Australian finally debuted as a K-pop singer’. Many Australian fans are proud of her

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Only Blackpink member who is left handed, has Inner double eyelids, and is shy

-Rosé uses her right hand only when she plays the guitar. She writes and eats with her left hand (also uses a knife with her left hand)

-She used to be right handed, but started using her left hand and became left handed

-Hobbies & Specialties: flower arrangement, drawing, playing the guitar & piano, watching animation, riding bikes, reading books, playing tennis, collecting LPs, photography, and art appreciation

-Has the most hobbies and specialties in the group

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-When Rosé’s father saw the news of YG Entertainment’s Global Audition being held in Sydney, he immediately bought a flight ticket for Rosé

-After auditioning for the 2012 YG Australia audition, Rosé won the first place and joined the agency

-In 2012, YG Entertainment’s global audition competition rate was 1:700

-From May 2012, Rosé was a trainee of YG Entertainment and took four years and two months to debut

-She first started living in Korea when she was 15 years old

-Being as a lead dancer of the group, her dance is nice and soft. She used to be a cheerleader back at school. Rosé once showed her tumbling on a TV program

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Knows all of Disney songs. If she could be a Disney princess, it would be Ariel

-At the age of 16, she featured G-DRAGON’s song, <Eventually>

-Debuted on August 8, 2016 as a member of BLACKPINK, with their single ‘SQUARE ONE’

-Position in the group: main vocalist and lead dancer

-As a main vocalist, Rosé plays the center roll of BLACKPINK’s music

-Rosé has a cute way of speaking her words but when she speaks English, her voice becomes lower and mature

-She can sing high notes stably while performing difficult choreography

-Taeyang of Bigbang, Jeong Seung-hwan, and IU said they want to do a collaboration with Rosé

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Is a member who cries the most (You can find billion videos on YouTube of Rosé crying)

-Sometimes she cries while comforting others. Once in Thailand she cried because bean sprouts were so fresh

-Rosé is very thoughtful and usually takes care of others. She has good manners in general

-Always asks for other members’ opinions and give away hers to other members

-Jennie once said, “Jisoo jokes for 24 hours and Rosé claps & laughs for 24 hours with a foreigner reaction.”

-She likes fresh scent or gentle floral scent

-Likes baby pink, blue and purple colors

-Her ideal guy is someone who has a nice voice and who is kind

-Rosé prefers cute guys to sexy guys

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Her eyes are long and quite sharp

-Rosé is the tallest member among Blackpink members

-Rosé’s arms and legs are long and has a good proportion. Many of her legendary pictures are taken of her whole body

-As rumors spread that her waist size is 19 inches, Rosé directly revealed that her pants size is 24 inches

-She has an overall skinny body but is well muscled

-She once said that her legs are too skinny and is a complex

-Rosé is often called ‘MukChaeng’ because she likes to eat

-When four members have meals together, Jisoo and Rosé are two members who always eat until the last. In particular, Rosé stays until the very last and finishes the food

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Before she goes up on the stage, she must eat well. Especially, if she doesn’t eat white rice, she feels like she hasn’t eaten a proper meal

-Rosé enjoys to eat small amount of meals for a long time. She also works out a lot which is why she has a slim body

-Likes the taste of sourness but can’t handle sweet

-She eats chocolates but not chocolate cakes

-Rosé especially likes tiramisu. She once said to Jennie, “Why are you the only one eating it?” (Then Jennie gave a bite to her)

-Likes Hawaiian Pizza and Kimchi

-She loves kimchi so much that she drinks beer with Kimchi. Also Rosé can eat Kimchi without rice. In addition, she likes Kimchi soup as well

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Only BLACKPINK member who does not like avocados

-She said the point of having vegetables is because they are crunchy. Then added its weird how avocados are not crunchy even though it’s a vegetable

-So Jisoo eats most of Rosé’s avocados that’s in her food

-Second least favorite is eggplant

-Prefers vegetables to meat and pork belly to steak

-Rosé doesn’t like Rosé pasta

-She likes going to the practice room, fruits, flowers, and moon. Especially crescent moon

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-She can speak a ‘box language’. It’s called box language because it sounds like a person trapped in a box. She created this to request for rescue if the kidnapper closed her mouth when she’s kidnapped

-Rosé loves to draw and still draws pictures as a hobby

-Back in Melbourne when she attended school, Rosé used to go to the museum once a week

-Knows how to play the guitar and piano. She is good at playing the guitar. Recently, Rosé has started to learn drums

-She likes to go for a walk but not to exercise

-Likes to ride bicycle, so goes for a ride with Lisa often. They usually ride bikes at Han River and fans find them

Source from Rosé’s Instagram (@roses_are_rosie)

-Nickname: Rosie, Chaengyi, Zaeyongyi, chaengchaengyi, Ggochaenyo, Ddogchaengyi, Rochaeng, chaengramji, tanramji, chaengsulmo, Pasta, jjaengjjaengyi, pobogdol, geobchaengyi, bravechaeng, chaengmunk, mukchaeng, gamchaeng, chaengvely, mocchi sexy, chaengsa, chaenglaurent

-She is the ambassador of YSL

“You should study about Black Pink! Because they are amazing!”

-The Rolling Stones of America”

Did you enjoy Rosé’s TMI, the tallest and the shiest member of Blackpink?! Since both of Rosé’s parents are Korean, many people assume her as Korean. But once you get to listen to her English pronunciation, your thoughts will change. Her Australian accent and voice that slightly changes when speaking English, is so attractive. Can YG please give Rosé a solo song as soon as possible so that she can play her guitar…?(Please)

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