As soon as BLACKPINK debuted, they had a strong impact in the global music market and soon became a worldwide idol! Despite being a girl group launched 7 years after 2NE1 by YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK has set high records in album sales, YouTube views, and global charts including billboards which proved that YG is still in the Heydays.

BLACKPINK is now having an influence across the world, not only with their music but also with their fashion and style. Let’s take a look at Blackpink’s cute second member Jennie, who sings and raps with a powerful voice in a baby-face.

TMI Series ep.17


Source from YG Entertainment

-Name: Kim Jennie (Korean Name)

-Most ‘Jenny’s are spelled with a ‘y’ but Jennie’s parents wanted her name to be special, so they spelled it with ‘ie’. So Jennie’s name is spelled ‘Jennie’ not ‘Jenny’

-Since Jennie is a Korean name, her name is written as 珍妮 in China (only made by sound letters)

-Born on January 16, 1996 in Cheongdam, Seoul

-Height: 163cm, Weight: 46kg, Blood Type: B

-Family members: parents, two dogs; Kai (2010) and Kuma (2015)

-Kai is Cocker Spaniel and was adopted by her family. Kuma is Pomeranian and was adopted by Jennie herself

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-On the releasing day of BLACKPINK’s 1st mini album ‘SQUARE UP’, she made her personal Instagram account (@jennierubyjane)

-Her account is made from her first name (Jennie) and middle name (Ruby-Jane). Jennie’s full name is Jennie Ruby-Jane Kim

-Her name Jennie is from ‘Baek Jae-hee’ who was the main character of drama ‘Hourglass’ played by Lee Jung-jae

-Her mother, who was a fan of Lee Jung-jae, decided to name ‘Jae-hee’ when she gives birth to her son, but she gave birth to a daughter, so she named ‘Jennie’ which sounds relatively similar

-Many people think Jennie is a foreigner or is Gyopo (second generation. Ex. Korean American) because of her exotic appearance and unique name, but her nationality is Korean

-To a question “If you have to eat only one kind of food for your entire life, what would it be?” She answered, “I would eat rice, soybean paste stew, and kimchi”

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Jennie was born and raised in Cheongdam, Seoul. She went to Cheongdam Elementary School until she was 9 years old. Later, Jennie studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years (from 9-14)

-During a trip in New Zealand, Jennie’s mother asked, “Jennie, do you like this place? Do you want to live here?” and Jennie answered, “Yes”. That’s how she went studying abroad in the following year

-When she was 9 years old and didn’t know anything, she went overseas by herself. She cried on the day of arrival then adapted immediately to the environment and went school the following day

-Shortly after studying abroad, she appeared on a MBC English Education Documentary as an international student studying in New Zealand

-After studying in New Zealand, Jennie prepared for the procedures of studying in the US. Her parents had planned to send Jennie to move to a school in Florida, USA, and continue her studies there

-Jennie went on a trip to Florida with her family to see where she will be studying and living but at that time, she didn’t know what she wanted to do. Also, she didn’t want to live in the United States so she told her mom that she wanted to do music-related work and that’s how Jennie returned back to Korea

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-While she was studying abroad, Jennie listened to YG artists’ music. She thought if she becomes a celebrity later, she would love to join YG Entertainment

-Jennie had a dream of becoming a singer and returned to Korea at the age of 14. She passed YG audition and joined the company in August 2010, and was a trainee for 5 years and 11 months

-position in the group: main rapper, sub vocalist

-Jennie started to rap when she had just joined the agency. She covered pop songs that were mixed with rap. At that time, she was the only one who could speak English among trainees so that’s how she started to be a rapper

-As a trainee, she featured Lee Hi‘s <Special> , Seungri’s <GG BE>, and G-Dragon’s <BLack> and used her real name, JENNIE KIM

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Her strengths are accurate diction, rich deep voice, and fancy rapping skills

-Although she is the main rapper, her vocal is quite stabilized so she has a lot of vocal parts as well

-During six years of training, Jennie has improved her rap, vocal, and dance skills. She shows them well in performances so she is well spotted on stages

-Jennie starts most of BLACKPINK songs. She is the master of introducing the group

-Her comfortable tone holds the weight of the song and her tone suits well to their music

-All of BLACKPINK members have good volume but especially Jennie’s loud volume is so big that it echos

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Hobbies: Cooking, baking, photography, collecting cameras, lego, watching movies & dramas, horse riding

-She likes to make things by using her hands (slime, Lego, metal craft)

-According to Lisa, Jennie is the best cook among BLACKPINK members

-Cooking & baking is Jennie’s hobbies and specialties. She is good at making Kimchi fried rice. Jisoo is the best eater among members

-She can play the piano and flute

-Since young, she learned how to ride a horse so is good at horse riding

-Her favorite color is black. She also likes to wear black outfits often

-Favorite number is 1

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-If she could be born again, she wants to become a photographer

-Her favorite item is Manual camera. She loves taking pictures and is interested in cameras so she collects film cameras

-Jennie likes watching drama ‘Friends’ so whenever she gets bored, she watches them

-She is a Netflix lover. She sometimes recommends American dramas to BLINKs

-Her Netflix recommendations are ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Riverdale’, ‘Friends’, ‘House of Cards’, ’13 reasons why’, ‘A Game of Thrones’, ‘Good place’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Suits’, and ‘La casa de papel’

-Enjoys watching beauty related videos on YouTube. She usually orders her makeups from overseas and before buying them, she reads reviews or watch videos about them thoroughly

-Watches 4-5 movies a week. She learns fashion and culture through movies

-Her recommended movies are ‘500 Days of Summer’, ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Lady Bird’, ‘The Shape of Water’,’I Origins’, ‘I want to eat your pancreas’, ‘Vanilla sky’, ‘Disney animations; Aladdin, Tangled, Toy Story’, ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Isn’t It Romantic’, and ‘Notting Hill’

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Unexpectedly, Jennie is funny on variety shows so used to be a fix member

-When she is on variety shows, she makes loud voices for most of the time, but in fact, she is afraid of many things and has no luck. Moreover, she gets tired easily

-She loves animals. BLACKPINK members are found often in animal cafes

-If she hadn’t become an idol, she would have been a zookeeper (panda)

-When she lived in NZ, Jennie caught a hedgehog from the backyard and raised it in the garage

-Due to its smell, she got caught within a month. Her Home-stay mother didn’t like the smell of the hedgehog so she had to let it go

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Jennie loves avocados so she convinced Jisoo to like them

-When Jennie’s mom was pregnant with Jennie, she ate many peaches. Therefore, she likes them very much

-Jennie raises Jisoo’s arms whenever they go down on a roller coaster

-When meeting a guy, Jennie doesn’t really care about his appearances but values more on his personality. (But she does care a little about their appearance LOL)

-She looks cold and shy at first but actually has a cute personality. Many people say she is the most affectionate and sweet member and is calm and sweet to other members

-Doesn’t cry a lot but when she sees others cry, she cries with them

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Has cute, chic, pure, charisma, and sexy cat face

-Whenever she laughs, she cringes her face which make her look like a baby. Fans say she is cute as a baby

-When she went to a skin clinic for a skin care, a dermatologist removed a dot under her eyebrows. She was said that he took it out without telling her

-Although she is not very tall, her proportions are good, and her right-angled shoulders and narrow waist make her clothes stand out well. She has a good sense of fashion and gets many love calls from fashion brands

-She is the ambassador of Chanel

-Jennie’s mom gave an influence on Jennie’s fashion. When Jennie was young, she didn’t wear what her mom bought for her but now, she goes through her mom’s closet and wears her vintage clothes that her mom used to wear long time ago

-During Paris Fashion Week Chanel Show in October 2018, Jennie wore an inner shirt under a sky blue jacket. Her shirt had a Chanel logo and was later found out that it was one of her mother’s clothes

-Her mom is nearly a coordinator, assistant and also a manager. Jennie gets advice, care, and influence from her mother

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-On her debut stage, she sprained her ankle so badly that she couldn’t even put her feet on the ground. She went to the hospital straight away, got painkillers, came back and finished recording the stage

-Jennie has a weak body, so she does low-sodium healthy diet before BLACKPINK’s comeback. She also works out through yoga and Pilates before an event or a music show

-Jisoo was surprised at Jennie because she went to a Yoga class on the day of an event

-Has bad car sick

-Plays ‘Overwatch’ game with Jisoo often and also plays ‘Battle Ground’

-On the 3rd day after meeting Jisoo for the first time, they became close with each other by talking about their dreams naked in the bathroom (Took a bath)

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

-Nicknames: Jendeuk, Nini, Jenjangnim, Jendon Ramsay, Human Gucci, Human Chanel, Jennyangyi, Mandeuki, Jendumplings, human dumpling, gupJennie and so on

-She said Jendeuk feels more like her real name now because she is called by her nickname Jendeuk

-Foreign fans call themselves Fandeukie


How was Jennie’s cute TMI? Her personality is very different from her cold straight cat face. Jennie once fell down on the road but didn’t want to spill the juice that was in her hand so she fell down only with one hand and later got a pink cast. Also, she is so sweet to her fans. Whenever there is a fan meeting, she gets many photos taken by BLINKS and in the pictures, you’ll see Jennie taking care of her fans. For example, when it’s hot, she would turn the fan to BLINKS and also tells students off when they come to events instead of going to school.

+Jennie’s Performances

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