This group is the first and only YG Entertainment’s group that doesn’t have a leader! Although each member has a clear position and specialties, BLACKPINK is a group that is generally good at other areas besides their main position. Traditionally, YG Entertainment has had many artists who stood out more in their individuality and music than their visuals, so there used to be a saying of “YG doesn’t care about face that much when he picks trainees”. However, BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups with best visuals. Each and every one of them have outstanding appearances. At first when they debuted, BLACKPINK was often called ‘Hyun Suk’s (YG’s) treasure box’ and maybe this member was one of the most prettiest jewel among them.

You must have noticed who this member is, right? Let’s find out everything about ‘BLACKPINK’s first member, who is the eldest, super lovely, is the lead vocalist & visual princess, and is called actor Kim. Unlike her pure princess-like face, her personality is chilled and out going. She likes to joke around and make fun of other members. Her TMI might be too cute and lovely, so be careful of Deogtongsago! So, shall we start everything about Jisoo 🙂

TMI Series ep.16


Source from YG Entertainment

-Name: Kim Jisoo (金智秀), A.K.A Jisoo

-Born on January 3, 1995 in Sanbon, Gunpo city, Gyeonggi province (Nationality: Korean)

-She entered school when she was 7 years old, so is friends with 94s and 95s. (In Korea, if your birthday is in January or February, you often enter school a year earlier than kids who were born in the same year. EX) When you are born in Feb 1995, you would attend school with kids who are born in 1994)

-Has a strong belief in herself. Regardless of what others say, if she likes someone then she will be friends with them without hesitation

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

– Height: 162cm, Weight: 44kg, Blood type: A, Shoe Size: 235mm, Eye sight: 2.0

-She is the shortest member of BLACKPINK

-Doesn’t have a religion

-Favorite number: 4. Since everyone hates 4, she feels pity for the number

-Dream guy: Someone who likes Jisoo with a pretty smile

-MBTI result: ESTJ

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Family members: mom, dad, older brother ‘Kim Jeong Hoon’ (6 years apart), older sister ‘Kim Ji Yoon’ (5 years apart), and dog called ‘Ban Dal Gom’

-Dalgom (Ban Dal Gom) was born in 2015 and is Jisoo’s most precious treasure

-After fan meetings, she goes home and opens her presents with her parents that she got from her fans

-Jisoo’s dad also reads the letters from her fans. He loves that there are many fans who love Jisoo while reading the letter

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Hobbies: playing games, photography, reading, watching movies

-Jisoo likes reading so you can easily find her reading or holding books at the airports

-Recommended books by Jisoo: Me Before You, The Great Gatsby, Higashino Keigo Books (Evil, Red Finger, Midsummer Equation, Graduation, Trapeze), Age of Loss, 1Q84, Carol, New York Trilogy, Moon and 6pence, etc.

-Recommended movies by Jisoo: Pride and Prejudice, One Day, Eternal Sunshine, Vanilla Sky, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, If Only

-She also likes playing computer games so often plays ‘Overwatch’ with Jennie

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-On the releasing day of 1st mini album ‘SQUARE UP’, Jisoo made her personal Instagram account (@sooyaaa__)

-Jisoo plays basketball the best in the group. She is good with sports in general

-Jennie says Jisoo’s hands are strong and powerful. Whenever Jennie gets bitten by an insect and is itchy, she asks Jisoo to smack the spot so she wouldn’t scratch it

-Her favorite subject back at school was History. Her least favorite was Art

-She found it difficult to decorate with stickers

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-When Jisoo was in high school, she was in the theater club and dreamed of majoring in theater and film

-Her favorite actresses are Son Yejin and Natalie Portman

-To gain audition experiences, she took YG Entertainment audition. It was the first company that she took an audition of and got accepted at once

-After dropping out in the second year of high school in 2011, he joined YG Entertainment as a trainee

-From July 2011, Jisoo had a long trainee period (total of 5 years)

-She debuted with a single album’SQUARE ONE’ at 8 pm on August 8, 2016

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Position in the group: lead vocalist and visual

-Unlike other members who have exotic appearances with girl crush image, Jisoo has more of an Asian beauty and is elegant

-When she laughs, her lips turn into a heart shape

-There is a huge gap between Jisoo’s straight face and smiling face

-Before her debut, she was already famous as ‘YG’s stunning visual trainee’

-Her legs are long compared to her height and has a small face which makes a good ratio

-Jisoo has abs that look like ’11’

-Jisoo is famous for her looks in person (Better than how she looks in camera). Members from other groups say Jisoo is one of the prettiest idol members to see in person

-Jisoo’s look-alike stars are Tang Wei, Son Yeo-eun, Sandara Park, and Moon Chae-won

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Jisoo usually takes care of her skin through a mask-pack and from taking a bath

-She likes to wear mask-packs often. When she thinks her face is dry, she puts on a mast pack straight away and even twice if possible

-When she was a YG trainee and went to a YG concert, she got cast by SM Entertainment

-Before debut, she was on advertisements, music videos, and appeared on drama as cameo, etc. Practically did everything except debut

-While watching a commercial of herself that she took in the past during an entertainment program, she punched in the air and pretended to be dead because she was shy

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Since Jisoo is the visual of BLACKPINK, many people assume that she would only have few parts of their songs, but she actually takes a big part of singing including chorus of many titles

-BLACKPINK members picked Jisoo as ‘Best member with live vocal’

-If you listen to her live performances, you will notice that it’s almost the same as BLACKPINK’s original soundtracks

-Her soft and strong husky voice is very attractive

-At the beginning of her debut, many people criticized by saying her dance was stiff and is lack detailed expression

-She follows Lisa when she loses sense of direction. Jisoo mentioned that she gets lost easily on circle formed stages

-Jisoo is not good with directions so whenever she went to Myeongdong during her trainee days, she got lost. Whenever she got lost, Lisa who is a Thai member, came and picked her up

-Since 2020 <How You Like That>, Jisoo’s dance skills have improved and she started to adjust power of her moves. Fans were amazed to see her improvement

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-All four of BLACKPINK members chose Jisoo as the funniest member

-Jisoo and Lisa are the two funny members of the group. When they are together, it’s always loud

-Her relationship with Lisa seems to be like real sisters. They don’t laugh at each other’s Aegyo and argue all the time

-Staffs were shocked when they saw Lisa and Jisoo wrestling and playing kicks

-Most of Lisa’s nicknames are made by Jisoo (Nalalisa, yolisa, cokkilisa etc)

-Most of the time, Jisoo goes shopping with Lisa. They are seen by fans often

-But because of her poor energy, she can’t last long and sometimes just chooses anything at the end

-She is close friends with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Jisoo likes her swollen face so she eats noodles before going to bed and eats them after she wakes up

-Other members have cute chubby cheeks, but she thinks she is the only one without cute cheeks, so she covers it with noodles

-She even eats noodles before going up on the stage. She says it makes her throat open or whatever

-Jisoo likes spicy food and is good at eating them. This includes Cheongyang pepper (Korean spicy pepper)

-She once said on a TV show that she eats everything and anything, but it turned out to be a lie (!)

-Because there were too many onions in Jajangmyeon, she was sad

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-During an interview, Jisoo once said, “Originally, I am calm and quiet, but since I am not on TV a lot, I want to show my fans my brighter side, so I tend to overact.”

-She is famous for loving her fans. During 1 year of being Inkigayo MC, she stopped her car all the time to greet her fans on her way back home from work and has never skipped once

-Jisoo is usually shy but she says what she has to say, does what she needs to do and doesn’t hesitate to show herself when there are opportunities

-Unlike her image, she laughs a lot and has a bright personality. She is the mood maker of BLACKPINK but does not have Aegyo!

-Other members except Jisoo were nervous when the CEO of YG Entertainment (a.k.a YG) went passed them. Whereas Jisoo, sang a song ‘Boss~~ You came~~ Booossss~~’ (But the boss laughed, ignored it, and just passed by)

-She made a song for Jennie’s dog, Kuma called ‘Kumasong’. She made this song because she felt bad for Kuma, who would be alone at home for a long time during their schedule. The lyrics are ‘Poor doggy Kuma Kuma Kumaka Kukuma Kumaku’

-There isn’t a leader in the team but because she is the oldest, she basically does all leader rolls

-Jisoo is usually playful and cute but sometimes, she is serious and calm when it gets to guiding young members

-When she needs to scold or tell other members off, she only says it once and doesn’t mention it anymore. This is because she said “If you keep mentioning it or talk over about the same things, you are only going to hurt each other’s feelings.”

-When BLACKPINK member’s accessories fall off during performances, they throw it outside and Jisoo usually picks them up or cleans it later so it doesn’t effect others

-When her ankle was injured, fans didn’t even know that Jisoo was hurt because she didn’t show it or mentioned about it. She acted normal and handled all of her schedule perfectly

-She has never cried on TV since debut. But likes to cry when she is alone and said it feels better after crying so Jisoo cries when she is depressed

-Producer Teddy has only seen her cry once in 6 years

Source from Jisoo’s Instagram (@sooyaaa__)

-Jisoo likes trees more than Cherry Blossom

-She threatened Rosé to say trees are better when she said cherry blossoms are pretty (?)

-Likes strawberries. Her mom had strawberries when she was pregnant with Jisoo

-Likes Thailand jelly, ‘Pipo’. When Lisa freezes them, Jisoo steals the jellies from the freezer

-She likes to drink milk so she fills a row of her fridge full of milk

-Jisoo likes triangulated coffee milk but not rectangular ones

-She doesn’t like prawns

-Jisoo said her role model is a dinosaur. The reason is, people don’t even know what kind of food dinosaurs ate or what made them happy but still like and care about dinosaurs

-Nicknames: ‘chichoo, jichoo, jishoo, choo,shoongyi, chootokki, maltichoo, spoilfairy, jisoo turtle, rabbit kim’ etc.

“Biggest girl group that the world pays attention to”


How can we not love this lovely girl who has the most stunning visuals but makes up random songs and says the weirdest things with her husky voice?! Of course Jisoo would have debuted somehow since she wanted to become an actor and also because of her appearance, but I just wanted to say thank you for becoming a BLACKPINK member. Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim, thank you for enduring five years of long trainee days:)

+Jisoo’s Performances

source from Instagram, Youtube

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