I’ve read an article about how fast global warming is happening and that there isn’t much time to save the Earth. Let’s start from little ones to make a better place to live, for the next generation 🙂

Best Stars’ is selected by calculated views of seven days (30%) + increase of followers (30%) + number of uploaded videos (30%) + likes for the videos (10%)

*This week’s TIKTOK chart is calculated from October 31~ November 6. *

1. Lee Si Young (leesiyoung38)

2. BTS (bts_official_bighit)


슈가와 제이홉의 ‘Dynamite’ 술래잡기! 🏃#BTS #방탄소년단 Dance ‘Dynamite’ with SUGA & j-hope #Dance_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – BTS – BTS
This video was uploaded on October 4.

3. TXT(txt.bighitent)

4. BLACKPINK (bp_tiktok)


TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK rebroadcast with English subtitles will be LIVE on October 24th 7PM PT / 10PM ET @tiktok_stage ##TikTokStageWithBLACKPINK

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – blackpinkofficial

This video was uploaded on October 24.

5. Somi (Somi_official_)


I only love my bed and my mommaa im sorry

♬ i am sorry – ☹︎

6. MAMAMOO (official_mamamoo)


눈물이야 빗물이야 AYA👇🏻🦷 #ayachallenge #aya #마마무 #휘인


7. Twice (twice_tiktok_official)

8. CL (Chaelincl)

9. NCT (official_nct)

This video was uploaded on October 28.

10. DJ Soda (deejaysoda)

Let us know which video is your favorite on the comment below! See you next week 🙂

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