Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment through a reality show in 2017. The name contains a meaning of ‘8 members finding their own away together that doesn’t exist in k-pop’. Stray Kids is made of three unit groups; producing team ‘3RACHA’, performance team ‘DANCERACHA’, and vocal unit ‘VOCALRACHA’. Each and all of the units have their own attractiveness and are good in their own aspects. When they are together, they show dynamic performances making a perfect harmony.

Stray Kids officially debuted in 2018 and since then, they have been showing a huge growth with their performances and music. Today, we are going to have a look at the development of Stray kids!


In August 2017, JYP Entertainment officially announced the agency’s new reality survival show to launch a male idol debut project. The show was later revealed to be called ‘Stray Kids’. On October 17, after the show was aired, the agency released Stray Kids’ first music video titled ‘Hellevator’. At that time, two members, Lee Know and Felix, were not formed in the group but later, the group ended up having nine members.

This video shows the debut background of Stray Kids

Also, during the show, JYP and YG Entertainment’s trainees competed each other with performances including dance, vocal and rap. Later the trainees turned out to be ‘STRAY KIDS’ and ‘TREASURE’. Before debut, Stray kids and Treasure showed great talent and people said some of them were even better than existing artists.


‘Hellevator’ Music Video -Stray Kids’ Debut music video

After Stray Kids official website was made, JYP Entertainment released their extended play ‘Mixtape’ with 7 tracks that were co-written and co-composed by the members. When one of the tracks ‘Spread My Wings’ was released, it debuted at top #2 of Gaon’s Album Chart and Billboard’s World Albums chart and made a good start!

Woojin’s Departure

In 2019, Stray Kids continued with their music and released Clé 1: Miroh series album. They won the first place on M Countdown in April with their title, ‘Miroh‘. On June 19, their first special album Clé 2: Yellow Wood with title track ‘Side Effects‘ was released and later they unveiled their digital single ‘Double Knot‘ on October 9. Everything was going fine until then and Stray Kids were continually gaining fame. However, on October 28, JYP Entertainment suddenly announced that Woojin had left the group due to personal circumstances and the release of Clé: Levanter will be delayed to December 9. Until now, fans are not sure why Woojin had left the group and the agency hasn’t clarified the exact reason of his departure either.

‘Miroh’ Music Video
‘Double Knot’ Music Video
‘Side Effects’ Music Video

Staring Again With 8 Members

On November 13, the group released their first single, ‘Astronaut’ without Woojin and started off fresh as an eight-member group. At the end of the year, Stray Kids released ‘Cle: Levanter‘, the to finish the cle series. Their ‘Mixtape : Gone Days‘ was the first single of Mixtape Project that was released on December 26, 2019 and ended successfully.

Gaining Fame

Stray Kids started to gain a reputation through GO生’ with a title track ‘God’s Menu (神menu)’. The album was released on June 17, 2020 and fans started to recognize members. Almost every month or two, they are releasing a new music video or single to make fans satisfied. Since ‘3RACHA’ produces their own music, they release more than any other JYP artists.


Stray kids is well known for stabilized live performances. Moreover, three units of the group make a great teamwork when it comes to their performances. Not only their music is amazing but also their dance choreography and stage production is satisfying. Here is a glimpse of their performances below,


There’s so much potential in this group that I see and truly want Stray Kids to become a bigger and more famous group! Good luck guys 🙂

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