There are many ways to become a fan of an artist. In particular, ‘Fancam’ which makes you feel like watching an idol stage in front of your eyes, is one of the biggest factors of making you become a fan. And since YouTube has become an essential element of our lives, it’s easy to find fancam videos of k-pop artists. Today, I am going to introduce 5 legendary girl group members who has the highest views of their fancams.

1. MISS A, SUZY- ‘LOVE SONG’ @M COUNTDOWN Rehearsal_150402

If you are a k-pop fan, you must be tired of listening to how beautiful Suzy is. Well, if you watch this video, you’ll understand why people are complimenting so much about her visuals. This fancam has hit more than 24 million views (Nov 2020) and yet is the best viewed fancam of girl group members. It’s good to see Suzy perform on stage since now you can only see her acting.

2. TWICE, Sana– ‘Likey’ @Ulsan Summer Festival Show! Music Core

Sana’s ‘Likey’ video was taken by her fan from Ulsan Summer Festival, Show! Music Core. The video has recorded more than 12 million views (Nov 2020) and is still being watched from fans all over the world. I now see how people become a ‘ONCE’ after watching Sana dancing in her pretty dress.

3. TWICE, Jihyo– ‘FANCY’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.4.25

Jihyo’s ‘Fancy’ performance is ranked on top 3 fancam of girl groups. This video is a portrait video that was taken by a Producer of MCountdown and has hit more than 7million views by Nov 2020. Jihyo dances in a flowery blue dress and tries her best to smile until the end of the song even though the performance seems super hard and powerful. Maybe that’s why she is being loved by so many people.

4. BLACKPINK, Rosé-‘KILL THIS LOVE’ @Coachella

Rosé is famous for making fans through her fancams. In 2019, many people actually became BLINKs after watching Rosé’s ‘Kill This Love’ Performances. This Coachella video is being called ‘legendary’ among people who are not even fans of BLACKPINK. Rosé’s outfit, wind, lights, hair, and her dance…everything just seems perfect! So far, it has hit more than 6 million views on YouTube.

5. APRIL, Na Eun-‘Oh My Mistake’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.10.18

Since NaEun is gaining fame through her web drama ‘Eighteen’, April’s songs are also getting attention from the fans. ‘Oh My Mistake’ is one of them. The song was released back in 2018. NaEun’s M Countdown performance for ‘Oh My Mistake’ has hit more than 6 million views so far and fans are complimenting on how the music suits perfectly with NaEun’s freshness.

What do you think about fancams? Do you see how people become fans after watching these videos? You can simply search by the artist’s name + fancam on YouTube and they will show you tones of their performances!

Next episode will be <BOY GROUPS> fancams. Don’t miss out on them! See you next time 🙂

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