There are many ways to become a fan of an artist. In particular, ‘Fancam’ which makes you feel like watching an idol stage in front of your eyes, is one of the biggest factors of making you become a fan. And since YouTube has become an essential element of our lives, it’s easy to find fancam videos of k-pop artists. Today, I am going to introduce 5 legendary fancams of boy group members who are being loved by global fans.

1. BTS, V – ‘Boy With Luv’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.4.25

Before you watch this video, you’d probably think “How can a fancam hit over 12 hundred million views?” but once you watch it, you’ll understand why. This video is the most famous and watched fancam among k-pop stars. V surely shows his attractiveness and Aegyo through out the video 🙂

2. BTS, Jimin-‘Fake Love’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.5.31

Second most watched fancam is Jimin’s Fake Love performance. Unlike V’s video, Jimin’s is a portrait fancam. So far, it has hit more than 10 hundred million views. Fans could see Jimin’s powerful and strong performance up close through this video.

3. BTS, Jungkook- ‘Boy With Luv’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.4.25

Jungkook’s ‘Boys With Luv’ performance is ranked on the #3 for most viewed fancam. This video was recorded on the same performance as V’s video. I guess ARMYs have really enjoyed this stage. Look at Jungkook’s amazing visual.

4. BTS,V- ‘On’ @Mcountdown_2020.2.27

Another V’s fancam tops on the ranking! V’s ‘ON’ performance is ranked on top 4 for most watched fancam videos. Unlike ‘Boys With Luv’s lovely and fresh performances, ‘On’ is much more powerful and strong. You can see V’s manly aspects through this video.

5. BTS, Jimin- ‘ON’ @MCOUNTDOWN_2020.2.27

Wow. All top 5 most viewed fancams are from the same group. Jimin’s ‘ON’ performance is ranked on #5 of the most watched fancam videos. The video has passed ten million views at the moment. You can see Jimin’s dancing skills well in this video. Jimin is super hot when he dances.

+Top 3 Fancams (Besides BTS)

Besides BTS fancams, Stray KidsHyunJin topped on the list for most viewed fancams. This video is a cover performance of ‘Red Velvet‘s ‘Psycho’. It hit more than 4 million views within 4 months.

Second highest viewed fancam except BTS is EXO Kai‘s ‘Love Shot’. This video was taken by Music Bank producer in 2018. So far there are more than 5 million views and fans still talk about how sexy Kai is.

What do you think about fancams? Do you see how people become fans after watching these videos? You can simply search by the artist’s name + fancam on YouTube and they will show you tones of their performances!

If you haven’t watched <GIRL GROUPS> fancams yet, go and check them out!

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