1. Name – Why are they called ‘Aespa’?

The group name “aespa” is a name created by combining “æ” which expresses “Avatar X Experience” and the English word “aspect” which means both sides, and “Meet your other ego, Avatar and You will experience a new world” is epoch-making based on the world view, and we are planning to show off various activities, and future activities are expected.

2. Members


Name: Yoo Ji min

Date of Birth: April 11, 200

Nationality: Korean

Trainee period: 4 years

position in the group: leader, center, lead vocalist, lead dancer

Height: 166cm


Name: Kim Min Jung

Date of Birth: January 1, 2001

Nationality: Korean

Trainee Period: 3-4 years

Position in the group: main dancer, lead vocalist, sub rapper

Height: 163cm


Name: Aeri Uchinaga

Date of Birth: October 30, 2000

Nationality: Korean Japanese

Trainee Period: 1 year

Position in the group:

Height: 162cm


Name: Níng Yìzhuó

Date of Birth: October 23, 2002

Nationality: Chinese

Trainee Period: 4 years

Position in the group: main vocalist

Height: 165cm

3. Controversy (Rumors)

NingNing Weibo

  1. 1. Fans are not happy with having Chinese members

As there were many Chinese members of SM artists who left the group, or ones under controversy, fans are not happy with having Chinese members in the group. (Previous Chinese members of SM artists who were under fire includes Hangeng, Luhan, Songchian (Victoria), and Jangyixing (lay))

2. Contacting with fans through Weibo during trainee period

It is banned to keep in touch with the fans before debut

3. SM internal information leakage + got paid for providing information

while she was a trainee, Ningning leaked SM Entertainment’s internal information to her fans through weibo and got paid for providing the confidential information.

When fans asked her a question about SM Entertainment, and sent pictures of ‘yes’ and ‘no’, she only read one picture that’s the answer. For example, when a fan asked her “Is there going to be a new girl group debuting next month?” and send two pictures, and the answer is ‘No’, then she would only read ‘no’ picture to give the answer.

Karina’s Text

One day, some pictures of texts were uploaded on an online community. Writer said the conversation was between herself and her friend Karina who will be debuting soon under SM Entertainment. The texts were about Karina criticizing other artists including BTS and EXO members.

However, SM Entertainment made an official statement saying the photos are made up and is a rumor. They will also take legal actions to malicious comments.

Giselle’s Past

There was a post uploaded on an online community about how Giselle was in the past. We are not sure if this is true or a rumor yet, but SM Entertainment hasn’t made any official announcement yet.

Here is what people have written about her.

  1. Half Japanese half Korean
  2. She has spoken about her past (her behaviors and past actions) to her close friends
  3. She smoked, drank alcohol, did drugs since she was under aged and had sexual privacy
  4. Suddenly changed her number and deleted her Instagram account. Later found out to be SM Entertainment’s trainee
  5. Before she deleted her account, few of her friends saved photos of her past
  6. Told everyone that she will make a debut
  7. Was a private trainee
  8. Told her friends that she had already filmed her debut Music Video two months ago and was supposed to make a debut back in July but got delayed due to other artists’ comeback. Their debut choreography is hard. Dyed her hair and is ready for debut
  9. Her hair is pink
  10. Has long legs, is white and is 166cm tall
  11. Real name: (Initials)
  12. Her friends who drank alcohol and did drugs with is following Aespa’s Instagram account

We are not sure if this is true or is a rumor but SM Entertainment should make an official announcement if this is a rumor, before other people assume it is true.

4. Teaser

+More Videos

Although they are under fire for may reasons even before debut, Aespa will continue with their debut in November. Let’s wait until SM Entertainment gives out an official announcement.

We will let you know if there are any updated news 🙂

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