For those of you who are in the states, did you guys vote for the election? Biden vs Trump was a big match! People couldn’t wait until the results were out. I hope he makes changes to become a better country 🙂

Watheydo ‘Weekly music chart’ provides winners of Korea’s Music Chart of the week and is updated on Mondays.

M COUNTDOWN : First Week Of November

On November 5 M Countdown, TWICE won the trophy for the first week of November. The nominees were TWICE’s ‘I can’t stop me’ and TXT’s ‘Blue Hour’. ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ won by 9,065 over 6,520 points of ‘Blue Hour’.

Music Bank: First Week Of November

On November 6, Music Bank was aired. TXT’s ‘Blue Hour’ and TWICE’s ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ competed over for first place. TWICE won with 5,420 points over TXT’s 4,957 points.

Show! Music Core: First Week Of November

In the recent Show! Music Core’s episode that was aired on November 7, BTS‘ ‘Dynamite’, TWICE’s ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’, and Refund Sisters’ ‘Don’t Touch Me’ were candidates for the first place. BTS won with a total of 9,740 votes, which made become the 21st win for ‘Dynamite’.

Since it was Show! Music Core’s 700th episode, many artists performed special stages and congratulated through a video message. Here are the videos below,

Inkigayo: First Week Of November

TWICE won the first place with ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ on SBS’s Inkigayo! Other nominees were Im Chang Jung’s ‘Love Should Not Be Harsh on You’ and Jang Bum June’s ‘Can’t Sleep’.

Congratulations Twice! If you wonder who will win the #1 Award for next week, stay tuned. We will update every Monday of each week’s winners!

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