On March 25, 2018 JYP’s boy group, ‘Stray Kids‘ made a debut. Their debut song <District9> contains “Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World” lyrics, which became their signature phrase. Moreover, “You Make Stray Kids Stay” lyrics means ‘their fans leading on the right path without wandering’.

Today’s member is one of Stray Kids’ VOCALRACHA group. He likes to eat and play with other members so is often called a puppy, but when it comes to eating his donuts, he puts plastic gloves on and is extra clean. Can you guess who he is? Yes, it is the seventh member of Stray Kids… Seungmin!

TMI Series ep.14
<Stray Kids, Seungmin>

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Name: Kim Seungmin (金昇玟), A.K.A Seungmin

-Born on September 22, 2000 in Seoul

-His birthday is only a week apart from Felix

-Seungmin was born and raised in Seoul, but because his dad is from Busan, he can use Busan dialect naturally

-Shoes size: 260-265mm, Blood type: A

-Has a really bad eye sight so when he wears glasses, his eyes become small

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Family members: mom, dad, older sister (7 years apart)

-He has lived in Los Angeles for awhile so can speak English

-Was an MC for Arirang TV After School Club

-His favorite colors are mint and purple

Source from online community

-Hobby: writing his diary, listening to music while taking a walk

-Specialties: day dreaming, eating

-MBTI results: ESFJ-A

-He eats everything and is not a fussy eater

-Seungmin especially likes meat and can not eat spicy food well

-He also likes mint chocolate

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-has an experience of Pledis Entertainment’s trainee in the past

-In 2017, he was selected as the 2nd place in the finals of 13th JYP open audition and became a JYP trainee since then

-He is a huge fan of DAY6 and especially likes ‘Kim Wonpil’

-Stray Kids’ VOCALRACHA’ member

-Position in the group is vocalist

Source from online community

-He is called ‘Deng Deng (Puppy)’ by members and fans because he acts and looks like a dog

-Most playful member in the group

-Seungmin once gave ice cream to Han when he was sleeping

-At the beginning of his debut, he used to say, “I am Seungmin, the only JYP artist who has ‘Seung’ in the name!” when he introduced himself

-Most organized member in Stray Kids

-He doesn’t like lying on bed without his PJs

Source from online community

-When Hyun Jin went to Seungmin’s house for the first time during their trainee days, he was shokced because there were nothing but books in his room

-Along with I.N, they are the only members without ears pierced and do not have future plans to get them pierced

-Likes to take selfies and also likes to take pictures of other members

-Seungmin uploads Scenery photos and views on Instagram often during overseas schedule

-If he hadn’t become a singer, he would have been a photographer

Source from online community

-Role models are Day 6, B1A4 Sandeul, and EXO Baekhyun

-Seungmin has a charming voice that is soft and powerful at the same time

-Stray Kids’ favorite song is <Young Wings>

-Nicknames: ‘puppy, dengdengyi, jjinmadae, Kimseungmo, myeongchang gangji, Jerry, soondoongyi’

Source from online community

+Seungmin’s videos

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