Last but not the least, it’s time to unveil everything about Stray Kids’ Maknae…I.N! Since he is the youngest member of the group and gets hurt by others easily, you will often find Stray Kids members trying to cheer I.N up or to make him happy. Moreover, I.N got a song from Bang Chan called ‘Maknae On Top’ as a gift.

A fun fact is, his name ‘I.N’ was decided just before his debut and there was a controversy over his name. But later, fans found out that he named himself and it has a meaning of ‘I will jump I.N to your heart’ which easily convinced them. If you are curious about Stray Kids’ gorgeous Maknae, stay focused until the end!

TMI Series ep.15
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Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Name: Yang Jeongin (梁精寅), A.K.A I.N. The name is usually pronounced as ‘I An’

-Born on February 8, 2001 in Busan

-Even though he was born in February, he is friends with 2001s, not 2000s (In Korea, if your birthday is in January or February, you often enter school a year earlier than the year you are born in. EX) Feb 20001 kid would attend school with students born in 2000)

-The reason why he didn’t enter school early was because he memorized Korean (characters) late

-I.N is the only member born in the 21st century

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Since I.N is young, he tends to lose confidence whenever he hears a criticism. So other members cheer him up and give him positive energy

-Leader Bang Chan gave I.N a song called ‘Maknae On Top’ as a gift

-He is playful and bright who likes to hang out with Hyeongs (older brothers; members)

-Has a lot of Aegyo which fans and other members love

Source from online community

-Surprisingly, he was a quiet student back at school

-Family members: mom, dad, older brother (two years apart), younger brother (6 years apart)

-He is in the middle of the siblings and often gets bullied by his younger brother

-His Taemong (dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby) was a blue tomato

Source from online community

-When I.N was young, he couldn’t eat tomatoes. In fact, whenever he saw tomatoes, he threw up. But now he eats them

-He can’t eat peas because of the texture

-He likes mint chocolate

-I.N usually wears glasses but the agency told him not to wear them on stage

-You can sometimes see him wearing glasses offstage

Source from online community

-Blood type: A

-Favorite character is Pokemon’s ‘Magikarp’

-MBTI results: ESFJ-T (same as Lee Know)

-Religion: Catholic. His baptismal name is ‘Yohan’

-Since young, he wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and a priest

-Always wear a rosary ring

-The rosary ring was given from his dad

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Always use honorific to his parents (In Korea, you use a polite speech to older people but these days, many kids don’t use it to their parents since it’s more of a traditional culture. But besides family, it is commonly used to new people or olders)

-His favorite season is Winter because his birthday is in Winter which brings him good memories

-Used to be a child model when he was seven years old

-I.N used to sleepwalk during childhood. Once when he was sleepwalking, he suddenly opened the door and went outside. His mom asked where he was going and he said, “You told me to go and buy ice cream…”

-In addition, he has opened the fridge several times and hit his older brother while sleepwalking

Source from online community

-I.N thinks the hottest moment of himself is when he brushes his hair after taking a shower and looks into the mirror

-Enjoys listening to ASMR

-He listens to ASMR when unavailable to sleep and usually listens to eating ASMRs. When I.N sleeps in the middle of ASMR videos, other members turn off the phone for him

-He likes Trot (Genre of Korean music) and is proud of his skills

Source from online community

-Due to his dad’s recommendation, I.N started to wear braces since 2016

-His fans were sad when he had to take them off

-The day after removing his braces, he ate curry with Hyunjin

-When you look up into Stray Kids’ debut pictures, you can easily find I.N with braces on

Source from online community

-He used to have a dot on his left face but took it out during his trainee days

-Stray Kids’ VOCALRACHA member

-Position in the group is vocalist

-His voice and tone is clear, soft and unique

-Before debut, Hyunjin fell in love with I.N singing ‘I miss you’. He heard it in the vocal practice room and followed after I.N for a while

-Nicknames: ‘Ianyi, Agabbang, Vulpes zerda, woodlouse, Maknae On Top, Bujangnim, YiddoA, Jjanginyi, Angjjangyi, and ieung-yaieung’

+I.N’s Vlog

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