Next member of Stray Kids is the fifth member and the pride of 3RACHA. Are you ready to go through everything about Han?!

Han was born in Korea but was raised in Malaysia. When he was little, he went on a trip to a jungle and it rained so much that he was swept down by the river. He could barely hold on a rock but when he turned around, a crocodile’s tail was puffing up at the back. Until now, this was one of the scariest moment Han has ever experienced. Han is also afraid of heights and cries a lot. So, if you want to know more about this adorable guy, let’s start now!

TMI Series ep.12
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Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Name: Han Jisung (韓知城), A.K.A Han

-Born on September 14, in Incheon Korea (Korean Citizen)

-Was raised in Malaysia so doesn’t have any experiences of Korean schools

-His English name is Peter

-Family members: mom, dad, older brother (3 years apart)

-Han looks the same as his older brother except his brother is taller

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-His favorite food is cheesecake and ice Americano

-Likes mint chocolate

-He loves to read comics and actually craves them

-Favorite color is red

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Blood type: B

-MBTI result: ‘ISTP-T’

-Religion: Christian

-He has acrophobia and ring phobia

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Han thinks one of his attractiveness is his pupils

-He once said in the past that his chubby cheeks were his complex but luckily he likes them now

-When he eats, he stuffs food into his mouth and chews so people call him ‘Han squirrel’

-He has a pleasant laughter

Source from online community

-Is 3RACHA member of Stray Kids

-Participates in almost all of Stray Kids’ songs including composing, lyrics, and producing

-Position in the group is rapper, vocalist, and producer

-Han has a high pitch and tone of voice and raps fast but has a good diction

-His vocal skills are pretty stabilized and can sing high pitches, so he sings high notes among Stray Kids members

-Han has a lot of parts in the songs because he has good vocal and is clear

-Stray Kids’ all-around talent. He excels in rap, song, and dance

-He says he likes lyrical and melody rap

Source from online community

-Han’s Airpod is called “If you touch mine, your ear explodes”

-Best stray kids member for staring contest

-He thinks he dresses like an idol but other members don’t agree

-He has a lot of piercings

-One of the members who memorizes choreography quickly, but he also forgets them fast

Source from online community

-Has a lot of Aegyo when he speaks, and is full of talent. Han is also good at mimicking others

-Has a bright, positive personality and is a mood maker

-He is very shy at first but when he gets close, he becomes super friendly and active

-He is also pure and cute, so often gets teased by other members

-He is one of the members who has a lot of fear and tears

-When he first got a trophy after debut, he cried on the stage

-Is the second most member who gets teased from other members (Of course the first is Chang Bin)

Source from online community

-Always cheers I.N up when he is not in a good mood

-When he was a trainee, he slept at Hyunjin’s house several times and ate his parents’ food. Han said it was the best meal

-Nicknames: ‘Squirrel, Hani, Squirrel Han, Daramji, Daragmjisung, J.One, Hamstermr..etc’

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