The sixth eldest member of Stray Kids is actually only a day apart from the fifth member. It’s unbelievable how their birthdays are one day apart! Okay, so the next member is DANCERACHA’s Felix!

Felix is Korean Australian who was born and raised in Australia. When Bang Chan cried during Stray Kids‘ world tour concert in Sydney, Felix was in tears as well. He was crying next to him because they missed their homes so much. Now, shall we talk about Felix who is so lovely that members actually call him ‘Happy’ because he sympathizes so well and has empathy to shed tears next to a member who cries. He has a sharp cat face but is super cute when he smiles and also laughs easily at such small things.

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Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Name: Felix Yongbok Lee (李龍馥) A.K.A Felix

-His grandfather gave his middle name Yongbok. It means ‘scent of a dragon’

-Born on September 15, 2000 in Australia (owns an Australian citizenship)

-Since he is Australian, he has NZ permanent residence

-When he was attending school in Australia, Felix received a lot of proposals for the prom party but refused all of them and went alone

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Family members: mom, dad, older sister (two years apart), younger sister (4 years apart)

-Religion: Catholic, baptismal name is Felix

-Shoes size: 255mm, Blood type: AB

-He has small hands and feet

-Felix is not that tall but has good proportion and also has long arms & legs

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Specialist: making mosquito sounds

-MBTI result:’ENFP-T’ (same as Chang Bin)

-At the beginning of his debut, he had chubby cheeks but after he lost weight he became one of the visual members of Stray Kids

-Learned Taekwondo when he was young

-Handles Nunchaku very well

Source from Online community

-When he was on the survival show, his Korean wasn’t fluent because at that time he has only been in Korea for short period of time and had just joined the agency as a trainee

-Since he is Korean Australian, his Korean developed much faster than other non-Korean foreigners. Felix’s pronunciation and accent is also neat and natural

-Has a strong Australian accent

-Cried with Bang Chan during Australian world tour because they have missed their homes so much

-Same member; Bang Chan is also Korean Australian so Felix gets a lot of advice from Bang Chan

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-He has freckles. Felix enjoyed taking a nap outside when he was young and since then, he got a lot of freckles due to sunlight

-Likes to play games. He has three monitors in his room

-Felix reduces stress through playing games and once, he stayed up to 6 AM from playing games

-He plays ‘League of Legend’

-Recently, he started cooking as a hobby

Source from Online community

-Likes snacks and sweets

-When he heard the news of ‘Snack price will raise’, he bought 12 packets of ‘Chicken Pop’

-Uploads pasta, steak, and more food pictures of what he cooks. He also bakes cookies and brownies, and hands them out to staffs

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Is one of Stray Kids ‘DANCERACHA’ member

-Position in the group is dancer and rapper

-Although Felix’s trainee days were short, he dances powerfully and is also a good dancer

-Still doesn’t know what love is and what Aegyo means

Source from Online community

-His nick name is ‘Cat’ because his pointed ears and rounded big eyes makes him look like a cat

-He has a cold straight face but is cute when he smiles. So he has a big gap between a straight face and smiling face. Felix has both cuteness and coldness in his face

-His voice is very low and sounds good

-He often takes the entering parts of a song or killing part because his distinctive deep voice sets the harsh and rebellious atmosphere of the song

Source from Online community

-His attractiveness is his cute appearance and contradictory voice tone

-Likes to wear comfortable clothes. His favorite outfit is black cotton t-shirt

-Nicknames: ‘Yongbokyi, Lix, Happiness, bokyi, Bbokkyi, kitten, sunshine, Twitty, chick, pure kid and so on’

+Felix’s performances, dancing videos

Felix VLog

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