I’m pretty sure you guys have heard about Hyun Jin‘s visual even though you are not Stray Kids‘ fans. Many people actually become STAY (Stray Kids’ fandom) at first because of Hyun Jin. Then they get to know each and every members’ charming points and eventually become a fan. Actually, Hyun Jin didn’t like people saying “Why do you practice so hard when you are so handsome?” during his trainee days. It was too stressful for him which made him practice more and this could lead him to become a member of Stray Kids. So, shall we find out more adorable TMI moments of Hyun Jin, who used to be called ‘Prince’ during high school?

TMI Series ep.11
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Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Name: Hwang Hyun Jin (黃鉉辰)

-Born on March 20, 2000 in Seoul

-He lived in Las Vegas for a short time during kindergarten

-Height: 179cm, Shoes size: 270mm, Blood type: B

-Family members: mom, dad, dog ‘Kkami’

-He thinks all animals are angels. Hynjin said his dog ‘kkami’ doesn’t know what Hyun Jin is thinking of or what he is worried about but always welcomes him which makes Kkami look like an angel

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Also likes cats but is allergic to cat fur so can not touch them

-Hyun Jin is an only child

-Likes Black and White colors. He likes the contrast of these two colors

-Likes to read books and watch dramas. His favorite food is jelly and bubble tea

-He doesn’t like eggplants and carrots. Also doesn’t like greasy food like salmon

-Hyun Jin is a huge fan of fruits. He loves juicy fruits but hates bananas and avocados

-Likes to drink coffee but because it makes his heart beat fast and makes his face swollen, he only drinks the least as possible

Source from Stray Kids Official Twitter (@stray_kids)

-Is very honest and can control his feelings

-Hyun Jin is a DANCERACHA member

-Position in the team is dancer and rapper

-Back at school, he was famous because of his visuals and was a good soccer player

-He once answered, “If I didn’t become a singer, I might have become an interior designer.”

-Religion: Catholic. His baptismal name is Joseph

-Was once taken to a pseudo-religious group

Source from online community

-He has bad sleeping habits. Hyun Jin doesn’t snore but he sleep talks a lot and is very loud

Han once chatted with Hyun Jin for 10 minutes when he was asleep

-Hyun Jin got recruited by SM Entertainment back in middle school during his school talent show

-When Hyun Jin went shopping with his mother, he received JYP’s business card, but at first he thought it was suspicious and was a scam, so he searched in on the Internet and found out it was real

-He has a tear dot under his eyes

Source from online community

-Was a trainee for only a year and a half

-When he was a trainee, he thought he needed more Hip hop swag so discussed with his mom and got his ears pierced

-Is the center of Stray Kids’ visual members (along with Lee Know)

-Has a slender body, good proportion, and a sharp face. Best suits with ’emo’ styling

-During high school, Hyun Jin slept on his desk after a test. It looked as if he popped out from a fairy tale and felt like a scene from the story. Since then, his class mates called him a prince

-His nickname during high school was Prince and Hyun Jin liked it

Source from online community

-Very humble about his appearance.

-Gets shy when people compliment about his face

-He is one of the tallest members in the group

-Smiles and laughs a lot. There is a huge gap between straight face and smiling face

-Looks chic when he is not smiling but when he smiles, he turns into a puppy

-Other members get impressed with Hyun Jin’s powerful performances and facial expressions when he dances

-His signature move is putting his arms up in the air and pokes twice

Source from online community

-Hyun Jin wasn’t a good dancer before, but he practiced hard because he wanted one of the main rolls in the group

-As a result, he became one of Stray Kids’ main dancers

-Role model is GOT7‘s Jin young.This is because he sings and dances well and is also a good actor

-Once searched ‘How to pronounce well’ on the internet and found a pronunciation fixer. He bought it straight away

-Likes to watch web dramas

-Is fashionable. He likes to receive clothes as presents because there are a lot of outfits that he wants to buy

-Collects ‘I ♥_____’ series t-shirts (EX. I ♥ NY)

Source from online community

-Is very friendly to his fans

-Communicates a lot with his fans during fan-sign events, on social media and official homepage

-Nicknames: Hyuni, Ianmom, Hwangvely, Lama, prince, rabbit, weasel, and so on

Source from online community

+Hyun Jin Dance Performances

Did you enjoy Hyun Jin’s TMI? It’s good to see him try his best in everything and how he treats STAYs. Plus his sexy visuals……I think I just became a fan after writing this. What about you guys?!

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