It’s already Chang Bin‘s turn! Chang Bin is the third eldest member of Stray Kids and has made a debut through Stray Kids program in 2018. Chang Bin is one of 3RACHA members. He has a dark deep tone when he raps, but when he sings, his voice is soft and sweet. Although he is in Hyeong (older brother) line, other members make fun of him or tease him often because he is so kind. You’ll see Chang Bin doing the dishes often and this is because whenever he loses or wins a game, other members make him do all the chores. That’s why fans say, “Here’s Chang Bin doing the dishes again”. If you want to know about this deep sexy rapper, wait till the end of today’s TMI series. Let’s start!

TMI Series ep.10
<Stray Kids, Chang Bin>

Source from JYP Official Homepage

-Name: Seo Chang Bin (徐彰彬)

-Born on August 11, 1999 in Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea

-Family members: mom, dad, older sister (2 years apart)

-Although he is only 2 years apart from his sister, he is very close with her

-His uncle is Korean Medicine Doctor so Chang Bin takes care of his health a lot. He takes many dietary supplements and focuses on his food

Source from Stray Kids social media

-MBTI result: ENFP (same as Felix)

-Blood type: O

-Religion: Christian

-He likes Yubu chobap (Fried Tofu Rice Balls)

-Doesn’t drink milk tea with pearls because he doesn’t like chewing something while drinking

Source from JYP Official Homepage

-He likes watching realism movies

-Specialties: composing music and writing lyrics

-He is one of 3RACHA members

-Position in the group: vocalist, rapper, producer

-Has been on <Show Me The Money 5> and got good feedbacks

-Chang Bin got accepted to JYP Entertainment through an audition that he took from an academy

Source from JYP Official Homepage

-Most of Stray Kids songs are produced and written by Chang Bin

-Gets targeted from other members the most. They always make fun of him or prank ChangBin

-One of the few members who cried during a show case

-Although his rap style is dark and strong, he is cute and has a lot of Aegyo

Source from Stray Kids social media

-He has a good sense of humor and is good at speaking

-When other members make fun of him, he complains and grumbles but doesn’t take it serious

-Nicknames: Dwaeggi (pig+rabbit), SPEARVB, Binsual, Binderella, Binmolyi, Binddossul, changbini, and bini

+Chang Bin rap

+Pictures of Chang Bin’s childhood
Source from online community
Source from online community

+Chang Bin’s rap

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