Today, I have brought a list of dogs that are as famous as their owners. They have appeared on TV and social media often so you might be familiar with them. So, let’s have a look at cute little creatures shall we?!

1. Zero, Taeyeon (SNSD)

Zero is Taeyeon silver poodle that was born on August 20, 2017. Zero turned four this year, and is an influencer dog with 300,000 followers. Zero has always been there for Taeyeon and has even been aired on few reality shows. He has a cute appearance just like Taeyeon and many fans say they look alike. If you go to Zero’s Instagram account, you can see pictures of Zero from the moment he met Taeyeon (since a little puppy) to the present day.

Source from Zero’s Instagram (@zero.taeyeon)

2. Hucci, Kang Min Kyung

Hucci(pronounced as Hyuji) means tissue in Korea. Hucci is a white mini Bichon that was born on May 20, 2016. You can easily find Hucci photos and videos on Kang Min Kyung’s social media. She sits next to the piano and listens to Kang Min Kyung play. Hucci’s friend Gamja lives in the neighborhood which is Lee Hae Ri’s dog. Their chemistry is so cute and adorable that fans even draw pictures of them

Source from Kang Min Kyung’s Instagram (@iammingki)

3. Yanghee, Bang Sung Hoon

On <Live Alone> reality show, Seong hoon confessed his love for Yang-hee by saying, “I need to protect her”. Yang-hee was an abandoned dog that met Sung-hoon at the protection center. At first, she suffered from measles, skin diseases, and even tic disorders. Seong hoon decided to adopt her, so that she wont be sent back, and he names her Yang hee using his family name.

Source from Bang Sung Hoon’s Instagram (@sunghoon1983)

4. Kai & Kuma, Jennie (BLACPINK)

Jenny’s dogs, Kai and Kuma, are so cute as if they just got out of the cartoon. Although Jennie is crazy busy, she posts pictures of her dogs and herself on social media. Recently, all three of them got a family outfit that says ‘The Fam’. You can see Jennie’s dog being aired on reality shows.

Source from Jennie’s Instagram (@jennierubyjane)

5. Tofu, Crush

Everyone knows that Crush loves his dog Tofu. Most of his pictures on social media is about Tofu and Tofu was even the cover of Crush’s album. Moreover, his song ‘ooh ah hae’ was made for him. Unlike his pure and cute face, Tofu is famous for his bad attitude. He bites everyone except crush so he applied on a consulting TV program to fix his bad habit.

(Source from Crush’s Instagram (@crush9244)

Aren’t they adorable? As a cat owner, dogs seem to be very different. Next time, I’ll prepare cat owners or should I say cat butlers. LOL

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