V Live is a South Korean live video streaming service that celebrities use to broadcast live videos on the internet and to live chat with their fans. Some celebrities broadcast concerts, online events such as online fan meetings or teasers of their music video.

The ranking is provided from V Live website and is selected based on the view counts of the video.

*This week is calculated from October 16-October 22*

1. BTS, I’m back!

2. BTS, It’s been a while

3. BTS, Run BTS! 2020 – EP.112

4. NCT, Cozy Night From Home

5. NCT, Chanyi’s Room, Ep. 76

6. Enhypen, Heeseung’s Birthday

7. Twice, 5th Anniversary Special Live ‘WITH’

8. BTS, ‘Dynamite’ Official MV
(Choreography ver.)

9. Stray Kids, 9.15 Lix FM

10. Stray Kids- Mini mini Fan Meeting

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