This week’s interesting news is BTS’ agency, Bit Hit Entertainment was officially listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) and as soon as the market opened, Big Hit Entertainment stock began trading at 270,000 won which was the double of initial public offering (IPO) price. K-pop is no longer a small industry only dealing music. It is now spreading towards other businesses and affecting globally.

Best Stars’ is selected by calculated views of seven days (30%) + increase of followers (30%) + number of uploaded videos (30%) + likes for the videos (10%)

*This week’s TIKTOK chart is calculated from October 10~ October 16. *

1. BTS (bts_official_bighit)


슈가와 제이홉의 ‘Dynamite’ 술래잡기! 🏃#BTS #방탄소년단 Dance ‘Dynamite’ with SUGA & j-hope #Dance_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – BTS – BTS
#dynamite #bts #dance #j-hop #suga

This video was uploaded on October 4.

2. NCT (official_nct)

3. BLACKPINK (bp_tiktok)

4. ShinDong (shindonggg)

5. TXT(txt.bighitent)


수빈이의 단독 돌핀 전격 공개💙DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬#soobindolphin #dolphincult#tomorrow_x_together #txt #txtmoa

♬ DolphinCultSoob – 🌟And_TXT🌟
#soobin #dolphin

This video was uploaded on October 9

6.  Enhypen (enhypen)


#인간과일 오랜만에 생머리!! 어떤색이 잘 어울리나요~??😄😄#ENHYPEN #SUNGHOON

♬ original sound – Tiktokmoda

7. Lee Si Young (leesiyoung38)

8. Dj Soda (deejaysoda)

9. Dawn (dawn.official)

10. Stray Kids (jypestraykids)

The video was uploaded on September 21.

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