Since we use smartphones these days and most of the work is done online, it’s not easy to see people write on paper. Therefore, its difficult to find out who has a nice handwriting. Today, we are going to have a look at 6 idols who have pretty and unique handwriting. They are so neat that if there is a font made of it, I would download them right away!

1. BTS, Jimin

Jimin has a neat handwriting and because of this he is often called ‘Golden Hand’. Previously, Jimin has uploaded a picture of ‘Happy New Year ARMY’ Message on Twitter and fans were shocked at his pretty handwriting. Recently, another picture of Jimin’s handwriting was unveiled online. The picture was about how Jimin thinks about other BTS members. You can also see through this image that his handwriting is elegant and immaculate just as his visuals!

source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt), Facebook

2. TWICE, Sana

Sana’s handwriting is already famous among ONCEs. Although she is a Japanese member, fans say her handwriting is better than some of Koreans (I think it’s better than mine…LOL). I bet you can’t guess that Sana is a foreign member just by looking at her handwriting. It is neat and straight as if she has written it with a ruler!

source from JYP Official Homepage, online community

3. ASTRO,  Cha Eunwoo

Just as his amazing visual, Cha Eun Woo’s handwriting is also perfect! He once revealed his notebook on a TV program which was about what he had studied back at high school. It was such a big issue that later, his handwriting came out as a font and the profit made from the font was donated to Korean Cultural Business Exchange Foundation.

source from Fantagio Official Homepage, online community

4. RED VELVET, Irene

You can find Irene’s handwriting from letters she wrote to her fans. Irene writes ‘ㅇ’ big which makes her handwriting look cute and adorable. Also, she puts emojis or special characters in her sentences to emphasize some words or phrases. Her handwriting is unique and charming just like her pure and innocent image 🙂

source from SM Official Homepage, online community

5. SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan

Seungkwan learned calligraphy when he was young and this helped him to have a neat handwriting. Therefore, he knows how to write in Chinese letters in a traditional way with a writing brush. Seungkwan has also mentioned in programs that he enjoys writing and is still interested in calligraphy. As a result, he wrote ‘Thank You’ lyrics on Seventeen’s special album and showed his nice handwriting!

source from Pledis Official Homepage, online community


Jisoo’s handwriting is as if it’s from a fairy tale. When I look at her writing, it’s like I’m reading a teen diary. Fans said even if you don’t know it’s Jisoo’s handwriting, you can fall in love just by reading it (Believe it or not). I personally think her handwriting will suit when decorating a nice diary.

Did you enjoy today’s ranking for the best handwriting? If there was a font made from them, I would be happy to use them:) Let me know if you know any other idols who have a neat handwriting. Also, if you want to know about special rankings of k-pop, leave a comment below!

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