Second oldest member of Stray Kids and a treasure of DANCERACHA! He has white cat face with big eyes and nose. He always thanks to his cats on ‘Thanks To’ page of Stray kids’ Album. As a fact, he has been a dancer for BTS stages! Can you guess who he is? Next member is Lee Know! He is unpredictable and cute but is also a martial arts expert. Let’s find out everything about this guy including his unexpected charming points. Lee Know’s TMI starts now!

TMI Series ep.9
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Source from Stray Kids Twitter

-Name: Lee Minho (旻浩), A.K.A Lee Know

-Born on October 25, 1998 in Gyeong-gi Province

-Nationality: Korean

-Blood type: O

-He has no religion

Source from online community

-Family members: mom, dad and cats; Soonyi, Doongyi, Dori. Also, he has been sponsoring a child called Anas since middle school. She lives in Ghana, Africa.

-He used to be left handed but other members are all right handed and they eat meals with their right hands. So he started to use his right hand and now he is both handed

-Lee know is an only child

-He graduated ‘Kimpo Jeil Technical High school’ and went to same school with NCT Jungwoo but they didn’t know each other

-Moto: Eat Well Live Well

Source from Stray Kids Twitter

-Hobbies: watching movies, reading books

-Specialties: dancing with his eyebrows, making choreography

-MBTI result: ESFJ-T

-His favorite color is mint and also likes mint chocolate ice cream

-Lee Know is not a fussy eater. He likes everything that goes into his mouth

-Stray Kids’ DANERACHA member

-Position in the group: dancer, vocalist, rapper

Source from online community

-Before debut, he was a BTS dancer. He even went on a Japan tour with them and performed on stages. His performances include <Blood, Sweat, Tears>, <Not Today>, <Begin>, <MAMA>, <Lost> etc

-He wanted to become a singer after he became a professional dancer

-Role model: 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon

-Among dance members he stands out the most

-After a month of joining JYP Entertainment, he joined debut group and attended trainee showcases straight away. After 8 months, he debuted as a member of Stray Kids

Source from Stray Kids Twitter

-His trainee period is very short which is unusual for JYP entertainment. This is due to his solid basic skills. His skills also developed rapidly

-He does not have a driver’s license because when he joined JYP Entertainment, he only had road driving test left but after he got accepted to the second round, he couldn’t take the third test which is road driving test

-One of the visual members in the group

-Is not good at putting contact lenses on so he takes about ten minutes to put them on

-Works out often

-Lee Know has black belt of Taekwondo, Hapkido, and martial arts (all of them are 2 Dan)

Source from online community

-The reason he exercises hard is ‘to live healthy and die naturally’

-He is a Inssa member of the group and makes friends easily

-When he first met I.N, Lee Know asked him to go to the convenient store with him

-Likes the smell of gas stations, new buildings, and cats’ & dogs’ paws

-Nickname: Yileeknow, bottalino, licasso, choomjonam, and apnijjang

Did you enjoy Lee Know’s TMI?! The more you get to know him, the more you will like this guy! It’s hard to be manly and adorable at the same time but he is one of the members who has both charming points. Here are some videos of Lee Know’s performances below. Enjoy 🙂

+Lee Know dancing on BTS stages

+Lee Know’s performances

+Lee Know with his cats

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  • You forgot to out his family member on Ghana, Africa. Since middle school, he has been involved in the long-term sponsorship and sponsored a child called Anas.