We are back with new TMI series!!! (yaayyy) Starting from today, few of the upcoming episodes will be about STRAY KIDS!! Stray Kids is an idol group made through an audition program called ‘Stray Kids’ that was produced by JYP Entertainment. The name contains a meaning of ‘8 members finding their own away together that doesn’t exist in k-pop’. Stray Kids is consisted of three different units; producing team, ‘3RACHA’, performance team ‘DANCERACHA’, and vocal unit ‘VOCALRACHA’. Each and all of the units have their own attractiveness and are good in their own aspects but when they are together, they show dynamic performances making a perfect harmony.

Bang Chan who is the center of Stray Kids’ producing team ‘3RACHA’, and is the eldest member of Stray Kids, may seem cold at first because of his appearance but when he is not producing, he is a total cutie. Other members make fun of him and always joke around with Bang chan. A lot of JYP artists compliment him as ‘Chan doing good as always!!’ So, let’s start with Bang Chan’s TMI 🙂

TMI Series ep.8
<Stray Kids, Bang Chan>

Source from Stray Kids Twitter (@Stray_Kids)

-Name: Christopher Chan Bang (燦), A.K.A Bang Chan (BANG CHAN, 方燦, バンチャン)

-Most for his friends and acquaintances call him Chris but his parents call him by his Korean name (Chan)

-Born on October 3, 1997 in Seoul but is Australian citizen

-Since he is Australian, he has permanent residence of New Zealand as well

-Because he is a Korean-Australian, he is a native English speaker. Bang Chan’s Korean is also fluent but there are times when his Korean pronunciation is slightly twisted

Source from Stray Kids Twitter (@Stray_Kids)

-Family members: parents, younger sister (7 years apart), younger brother (9 years apart) and a dog called Berry

-He is the only eldest child among Stray Kids’ members

-Bang Chan’s dad is a swimming coach so he learned swimming from his dad

-Specialist: swimming and producing

Source from online community

-All of his family members live in Australia and Chris thinks Australia as his hometown

-On his first Australian World Tour concert, he cried and said he had missed home a lot

-Since he was raised in Sydney, Bang Chan has an Australian accent. His accent becomes stronger when he speaks English with Felix.

Source from Stray Kids Twitter (@Stray_Kids)

-Blood type: O

-Religion: Christian

-MBTI result: ENFJ-T

-His favorite seasons are spring and winter

-Bang Chan went to the same high school as Seungmin

-He first attended JYP audition back in 2011 in Sydney, when he was in second year of middle school. Since then, he has become a JYP trainee and it took him seven years to make debut

-Back in the trainee days, he fought a lot with Bambam and Yugyeom of GOT7. They are still good friends until now

Source from online community

-Although he is the eldest member of the group, other members make fun of him and gets teased

-Position in the group: producer, vocalist, rapper, and dancer

-He is super talented. Bang Chan shows a high level of rapping, singing, dancing, and producing

-He has produced most of Stray Kids’ songs including composition, lyric making and arrangement

-Stray Kids was planned and made under the leader, Bang Chan. This includes composing members as well

Source from online community

-Bang Chan is the latest member to get out from the house. When other members wake him up and tell him there’s only ten minutes left, he wakes up then and gets ready within ten minutes

-He has a driver’s license

-Is good at cooking and often cooks for other members

Source from online community

-Bang Chan has the highest recognition of foreign fans because he communicates a lot with foreign fans on V Live

-He plays ‘League of Legend’ game

-Bang Chan appeared on Twice‘s OOH-AHH Music video as a Zombie

-Nicknames: Chris, Wolf, Kangaroo, Chanyi, CB97 (the name he used for 3RACHA), Vampire, Koala, Chunlibang (combination of genius + leader + Bang Chan), SeocoolDongyae (Western coolness + Asian politeness) etc

+Bang Chan’s Videos

As the eldest member and the leader of group, he is nice and strict at the same time. This is what makes special about Bang Chan. Isn’t he a such hot leader?!

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