You know those people who make you crazy just by their smile, looks, and the way they look at you? When they talk, eat, and sweep their hair, it’s like they are in a slow motion and from a movie scene. Well, I have to say, this is how you describe BTS, Jungkook. What would he have done if he hadn’t become an artist? Because he suits 100% to be an idol!

Today is the last episode of TMI series! The last but not the least, todays is everything about our maknae Jungkook!!

Because he debuted at such a young age, we could literally see him grow. He was a young kid and now became a masculine man! Now, let’s stop talking and start with BTS’ last TMI series 🙂

TMI Series ep.7
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Source from Big Hit Official Homepage

– Name: Jun Jungkook (田柾國)

-Last name ‘Jun’ is from Damyang region and his name means ‘To become the center of the country’. His grandfather gave the name to him

-Born on September 1, 1997 in Mandeok dong, Buk-gu, Busan

-He had two Taemongs (dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby). One was about pouring rain turning everything into god and the other one was about 7 black pigs drinking milk from one big black pig’s breast.

-Jungkook’s dialect is the strongest among BTS members (He has a Busan dialect)

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-MBTI result: INFP

-Height: 178cm, weight:66kg, Blood type: A, Shoes size: 270mm

-Family members: parents, older brother (two years older than Jungkook), dog named ‘Gurumi’

-His mom is two years older than his dad

-He has a scar from childhood, fighting over a computer with his older brother

-He is maknae in the team and also in the family. Since Jungkook debuted at a young age, he prefers being with older sisters and brothers than younger people

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Bought his mom a Mercedes after debut

-Has a lot of fans in 30,40s

-Likes to wear red and has a lot of red clothes

-Has no religion

-Hobbies: drawing, playing the guitar, watching movies & animation, bowling, and playing tennis

-Specialties: rap, dancing, singing, photography and playing Overwatch (game)

-His favorite fruits are melon and apple mango

-Jungkook likes sweet, salty, and strong flavored food

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-When he eats noodles, on his first bite he always coughs

-Has a habit of clenching his fist when drinking water

-Can drink up to two bottles of soju but has to drink water after each sip

-Likes Champaign more than wine and cocktails

-position in the group is main vocalist, sub rapper, and lead dancer

-Nicknames: Golden Maknae, Junjungkooki, jung geun (jungkook+muscles), rabbit, cookie, muscle pig, fruit, and so on

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-His was born with a gifted body. It’s easy for Jungkook to have gain muscles. Jin said he would even gain muscles from picking up a spoon or messaging a text

-Likes to exercise. Jungkook works out during world tours or even inside his hotel rooms using furniture

-The agency once banned Jungkook from working out because they wanted a ‘boy’ image

-Has a good breathing capacity. Although their choreography is very powerful and hard, he manages to perform live perfectly and is stabilized

Jungkook once couldn’t go to bed from selecting music that he wanted to share with his fans

-Studio name is ‘Golden Closet’ and actually worked in a real closet

-When he first started producing, he couldn’t play the piano at all, but now he can play the piano and sing at the same time

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Made a song called <Begin> which described the growth and development of himself and was produced on BTS’ second full album. Other members cried listening to the song

-A lot of people compliment on Jungkook’s dance

-Each movement is stable, accurate, and neat. Jungkook has a sexy dance move that probably comes from his body muscles (especially his thighs)

-He wasn’t good at dancing from the beginning but improved a lot after taking few lessons with famous choreography teachers

-Jungkook was so into dancing that he wanted to become a dancer instead of a singer during his trainee. However, Jimin persuaded him while having an ice cream with him and made debut together (thank you Jimin!)

-Not only he is good at dancing powerful dances, but can also dance urban styled moves and even girl group choreographies

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

Jungkook is powerful has a beautiful dance line and knows how to control his points

Son seong deug (choreographer)

-He is a quick learner and is good at most of the things, using his body

-Jungkook was top 2 in National physical test during elementary school

-He could lift the basketball stand when he was 18 years old

-Can peel pineapple with his hands without using any meterials

-Doesn’t like loosing. When he bets on something, he tries his best and must win

-To a question, “What would you do if all of the BTS members liked one girl?” He answered, “I would win all of them and go out with her.”

-To win a word chain game he played other members, he memorized all of element symbols

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-During MBC Chuseok special ‘2015 Idol Star Athletics Championship’, he got a gold medal and won three games of ssireum in 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championship New Years special

-Wins a lot when doing rock, scissors, and papers so is often called ‘golden hand’

-His motto is ‘I’d rather die living without passion’

-Jungkook likes people who takes care of themselves and who look healthy

-He debuted when he was 15 years old (13 in American age)

-Didn’t get accepted to Superstar K 3 audition but got love calls (casting) from 7 different agencies

-When he was doing an agency tour(?), he saw RM practicing and thought he was cool so decided to join Big Hit Entertainment

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Since he debuted so early, there aren’t that many pictures of him in the past (when Jungkook was young)

-During his trainee days, he was shy so was quiet in the dorms and also struggled singing in front of people

-When other BTS members begged him to sing in front of them, Jungkook cried

-The members were shocked and asked “Are you really crying?!”

-Staffs from the agency were worried at first because he was too shy

-When Jungkook had a short hair cut, he didn’t like it. So all of the staffs had to tell him “You look great with that hair” whenever they met Jungkook

-After his puberty, he became too energetic and joined the Beagle line

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He can raise Jimin with one arm

-When he is doing a plank and V gets on top of him, Jungkook can still continue without falling

-He always had abs since debut

-Jungkook’s blood circulation is fast so he keeps a high temperature and you can easily find his palms red

-After buying a huge Bluetooth speaker from the store, he took it home by himself

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-During middle school, Jungkook was once late because he had to drop off his girl friend to school who was a year older than him

-After graduating from middle school, Jungkook had to prepare for debut so decided to skip a year and attend again when he was 18 years old

-On his entering ceremony of high school, he bought Tangsuyuk to members and paid with his pocket money

-Since he entered school late, he had to wear uniform until he was 20 years old. When older fans asked him if they could call him ‘oppa’ he firmly said no

-On his graduation ceremony of high school, all of the members went to the same restaurant they went on entering ceremony. They ate worth $800

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He has a habit of plugging his face hair

-Sleeps a lot during the day

-Likes to wear a set outfit of top and bottom

-He covers his nose when yawning (?)

-Jungkook doesn’t care about bad comments and doesn’t take it serious. He knows what he likes and not, and doesn’t do things he doesn’t prefer

-The first thing he wanted to do when he became an adult was to have tattoos and to have a driver’s license. When he turned 20, he got his license and also got an international driver’s licensee

-He has ‘ARMY’ tattoo on his fingers

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Jungkook likes to listen to sad songs and is emotional so when he can’t go to bed, he imagines of being on a lake where there are cherry blossoms flying and a big moon up in the sky

-Is a huge fan of IU, likes Sweden Laundry, J Rabbit, Zion T and most of the artists he like has an emotional style of singing

-He doesn’t speak when concentrating

-Is good at editing videos. Jungkook made ‘Comeback Show Teaser’ by himself and said editing gives him energy

-Is good at taking pictures and drawing but is said he is the worst among his family members

-Once updated a picture of his dad’s drawing on social media and posted ‘I only have 1% talent compared to dad’

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-During high school, one of his friends said Jungkook got 2 out of 100 for his English, but was good at Japanese

-He liked P.E, art and music. He gave up easily on difficult subjects

-Jungkook helps Jin when he cooks in the dorms

-Jungkook’s best dish is Deep-fried Sugar Glazed Sweet Potato Wedges

-He was once in love with lamb skewers so asked if Suga wanted to open a restaurant with him

-When Jungkook went to a water park with Jin, he used Jin’s credit card and payed back after a month

-Has Jimin’s full love and support but he doesn’t really care about it

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Cares about his appearance a lot and has the most make ups among BTS members

-Jin, V, Jungkook are the visual line members

-When he thinks he gained weight, Jungkook doesn’t eat a meal and loses quickly

-His double eye lids are different everyday and his jaw line is different from the beginning of his debut

-Is sensitive with scent. He doesn’t like to smell bad from his body so always carries perfume and washes his clothes with ‘Downy’

-When other members get exhausted from choreography practice and sleep straight away, Jungkook washes his clothes

-He likes to collect perfume (has a lot of female perfume)

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Is neat but he once couldn’t sleep on his bed because he displayed all of his clothes and hats on it

-Can sleep anywhere. Jungkook fell asleep under a table, closet and also in the bathroom while he was taking a shower

-Doesn’t like to lie on bed without taking a shower

-Likes to wear plain shirts without any design. When he drew his favorite outfit, he drew 2XL plain shirts

-When Jimin asked what he wanted for his birthday present, Jungkook answered “50 plain shirts”

-He is not afraid of many things and is the most fearless member among BTS but is afraid the his microwave might explode

-Doesn’t like bugs but likes insects

-Jungkook once brought a beetle home but it died too early and also raised cray fish but didn’t know how to look after them so they all died after turning red

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He was selected as ‘Most uncool member’. He remembers unfair moments and talks about it later

-Has perfect punctuation

-Jungkook has impressive grammar skills. He is good at spacing and spelling words

-On October 24, 2018, BTS received Order of Culture for the first time as an idol and Jungkook holds the youngest record to receive the Order of Culture at the age of 21

-He drops his phone often so the screen is usually broken

-Can’t stand other BTS members getting sick or going through hard time. (When other members are sad, I feel like I’m going to die. When members are sick, I wish I could be sick, not them -‘Begin’ lyrics)

-Jungkook often covers stage lights with his hands to make an eye contact with fans

-He cried in Finland when he was reading out the letter to ARMYs

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

ARMYs….Whatever happens, you guys have to be happy. Okay?


Did you enjoy GOLDEN Maknae’s TMI? From a small and delicate little boy, he is now tall, mature grown up. But honestly, because I’ve been a fan since Jungkook was young, he is still cute to me.

So, finally we are done with BTS’ TMI series! But don’t be disappointed! We will be back with more BTS news:) 💜💜💜💜ARMYs PURPLE YOU BTS! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

+November 2017, When Jungkook filmed and edited the video (Japan Travel with Jimin)

Jungkook’s letter to ARMYs

Soucre from @_cho97

+) BTS ‘Black Swan’ choreography

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