From the front he is perfect, from the back he is perfect, and from head to toe he is perfect! Do you know who the next member is?! Today, I am going to introduce the sixth member of BTS, it’s V!!

What was your first impression when you first saw V? Many people think him as a short, high pitched voice, and chic guy, but is the exact opposite!!

Because of v’s handsome face, sometimes people assume him as spoiled person with a cold personality but once you get to know him, you will be surprised at his cute and randomness. By the end of the time you finish reading V’s TMI, I bet you will become his fan! So, let’s start with BTS’ sub vocalist V’s TMI series!

TMI Series ep.6
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Source from Big Hit Official Homepage

-Name: Kim Tae Hyung (金泰亨)

-His last name, ‘Kim’ is originally from a region from Korea (same as Jin‘s last name) Gwangsan. Tae means ‘Big’ and Hyung means ‘to turn out well’

-Born on December 30, 1995 in Bisan dong, Seo-gu, Daegu

-Height: 178cm, Weight: 63kg, Blood type: AB, Shoe size: 275mm

-Family members: parents, younger brother, younger sister, and V

-His younger sister is one year younger than V and his brother is two years younger than him. V said it’s been 10 years since he has heard ‘oppa’ from his younger sister

-When V was young, he used to live with his grandmother because both of his parents worked

-He likes the memory of drinking Yuja tea with his grandma on the way back home from kindergarten

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He has a dog called ‘Yeontan’, meaning ‘briquette’ and they raise him in their dorms

-His Taemong (dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby) was dreamed by his dad and it was about winning a billiard game from a dragon and his dad received a pearl as a winning gift

-He used to attend Daegu Jaeil high school but moved to Seoul Art school, music major and graduated from the art school

-Due to his bright and outgoing personality, he was always out in the hallway at school. He feels lonely often so there is always someone next to him

-On the first day of Jimin moving into the dorms, V was in his red underwear, lying on the sofa. They had an awkward eye contact. V thought it was a prank and called his red underwear a victory undies!

-From that moment, he suggested Jimin to sleep together in the living room with Jungkook

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-When Jimin moved to V’s school (Seoul Art High school), V introduced Jimin to all of his friends and teachers, and said, “He is my friend so I hope you guys take good care of him!”

-When he found our that Jimin was hanging out by himself during recess, he got mad and asked his friend “Why don’t you guys play with him?!”

-V still holds his student card in his wallet. It’s so important that he’s anxious when he doesn’t have it with him

-Loves animals, plants, people and basically all living things on Earth. His favorite is babies!

-V talks the most in group chats. Although other members don’t reply, he keeps on talking to himself

-When other members had a vacation, they went home or took a rest but V went to the zoo and took some time with squirrels

-When BTS members went to Kota Kinabalu, V took a picture with a giant python

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He likes other members touching V’s chin or ears

-Is a fan of ‘Girls’ Generation’

-He is a fan of ‘Sung dong il’s daughter, so he sent a huge box full of snacks.

-Watched ‘Baram’ (wind) movie over 30 times

-He decided to become a singer in the first year of middle school

-To become a singer, he thought learning an instrument would be helpful in the future so he learned how to play the saxophone for three years. V even got an award in ‘Gyeongnam Saxophone contest’

-Position in BTS is sub vocalist

-Although he is a vocalist, he is also interested in cipher raps

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-By chance, he took Big Hit Entertainment’s private audition and got accepted. Then he moved to Seoul

-His mom bought him ‘Red North Face Jumper’ so that he wouldn’t feel left out

-His ultimate goal is to become a jazz and R&B singer

-Does not have a religion

-Hobby is photography and enjoying art pieces

-v is good at swimming so he got complimented by a swimming instructor in Hawaii

-His Achilles tendon is short so his heel raises when squatting

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Nicknames: Taetae, CGV, Visual, Booin, choco jjinbbang, plum, baby dumpling, baby lion, vgle, taeV, teddy bear etc.

-When BTS first debuted, V used to introduce him as Beu-i (Korean pronunciation of V), but Bang Si Hyuk thought pronouncing V is cooler so asked to say ‘V’ with an English accent

-V played Battle ground with his fans and did a voice chat

-If he didn’t become a singer, he would have become a farmer or a saxophonist

-Even though his nickname is plum, he likes strawberries and he knows how to pick yummy strawberries

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Along with his charming face, he has a low, deep voice

-If Jin is classic handsome, and Jungkook is neat handsome guy, V is more like sexy and gorgeous handsome

-V’s eyes are Sambaek eyes (visible white between the iris and the lower eyelid) and his sharp jaw makes him a cat face so V’s straight face makes him look cold

-In 2018, he was selected as ‘Most handsome guy among 100 idols’

– He has many pictures of him in the past but non of them are bizarre or weird

-Unlike Jimin who looks like a soft tofu but looks cold when you actually meet him in real, V looks strong but is soft and cute in real

-To a statement “Please draw your favorite part of your body“, he drew everything. Eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes and even his ears (basically everything)

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-MBTI result: ENFP

-The most confident aspect among BTS members is ‘photo shoots’, and he has quite a few models friends

-He has the biggest hands of BTS and his hands are powerful. V is also left handed

-At the beginning of his debut, he was a ‘very skinny body type’, but as a result of consistently working out, he is now ‘Slim slender body type’

-He is one of Beagle members in the team (J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook)

-He once had an argument with Jin. They apologized and made up after the concert. V cried while thy were having a conversation

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He didn’t have double eyelids when he first debuted but got one when he lost weight (Comes back to non eyelids eye at night)

-Since 2015, he recommended music to his fans with #Taehyung_music hashtag on Twitter

-When he gets excited, he skips a few words and come up with almost a new language. RM or Suga have to interpret it

-He likes drinking soft drinks so he sometimes drinks up to three bottles at once when he goes to a convenient store

-Eventually, he became a model of cider

-He puts stuff that he doesn’t use on other members’ bed

-V needs something to cuddle when he sleeps. Where there is nothing to cuddle, he cuddles one of the members

-Most of the members are shy when meeting new people or making new friends, but V is different. He likes meeting new people and is very outgoing. He is called ‘Kimmakingeveryonefriend’

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He can’t eat bitter food and is a picky eater

-Likes sweets, meat, hamburger and can’t eat spicy food, onions, pumpkins, and beans. He doesn’t eat any food with red beans, not even Sweet Red-bean bread or Patbingsu (sweet Red-bean ice desert)

Suga once scolded V for having too much hamburger and Jajangmyeon

-He doesn’t like drinking alcohol because of the taste but if he is in a good condition, he can drink up to one bottle of wine

-When he attends to music awards, he sings along to all the songs even though he doesn’t know the lyrics

-One of the members who is not afraid or scared of anything. He can also ride all kinds of rides in amusement parks

-Has a lot of aegyo

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Before debut, V was a ‘Secret Weapon’ and was revealed right before his debut because he was young, had good visuals and a good voice. The agency was afraid that he might be scouted from another company and will move to there.

-When he was revealed as a member of BTS, he received a letter from one of his fans. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep until 4am. He read the letter for more than 15 times and showed it off to other members

-He debuted at a young age so fans saw his process of growing up (becoming an adult)

-V watched a lot of movies during world tour. He got inspired by ‘About time’ movie where the man proposes to the women and made <Winter Bear> song

-He made <4AM> while waiting for Jimin after they fought

-Before debut, V strongly recommended Jimin when he couldn’t make debut with them so eventually they debuted in the same team

-V cried when reading a letter to Jimin

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

Dear. Jimin

Hi Jimin. It is cringey to write a letter to you like this but I’m going to write it anyway so please understand.

We came to Seoul as a trainee when we didn’t know anything right? We put on our uniforms, went to the same school, ate meals together, went practicing, came to the dorms together and chatted until late at night. After 6 years, you have become a best friend who can never be replaced.

Before debut, you were worried once before making a debut. I had a meeting with the agency while you were worried and I carefully recommended you to the company and asked “How would it be to have Jimin in the team? Then also added, “I have thought for a long time and Jimin is the only person who would laugh and cry with me whenever I am happy or sad. I want to be with my friend for a long time and be together.” I was happy to tell them what I thought about you.

I am so happy to be in the same team as you and that I can make good memories with you…Also, I am sorry for the fact that I always get everything from you.

Until now, you cry with me when I’m crying in the bathroom having bad times, come out at night and laugh with me, try to understand, and listen to my concerns. Thank you for loving a friend who is not good enough.

Let’s be happy forever!

Love you my friend

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

Because of V, BTS is always full of energy but when someone starts to talk among members, V always stops talking and listens to them. I am pretty sure that I don’t have to mention about his visuals again since everyone should be aware of this fact by now.

Now we only have one more episode left!! Are you ready for Jungkook’s episode?!

+) BANGTAN BOMB ‘Winter Bear’
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Recording Moment for 613 BTS HOME PARTY

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