Did you guys enjoy BTS‘ online concert ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’? 990,000 ARMYs watched it and made 50 Billion won revenue for two days. Fans were happy to see BTS as they gave hope in this hard situation, going through COVID-19 Pandemic.

Today is about BTS’ main dancer, Jimin!! Jimin really glows on the stage so I personally want to make this episode full of his videos.. Today there will be more YouTube links than usual so please be aware of this fact and enjoy them💜

 So, let’ts start with BTS’ TMI series! Today is the fifth member of BTS, JIMIN!

TMI Series ep.5

<BTS, Jimin>

Source from Big Hit Official Homepage

-Name: Park Jimin (朴智旻)

-His last name ‘Park’ is from Miryang region and his name means ‘Hope your wisdom touches the sky’

-Born on November 13, 1995 in Hoedong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan

-His Taemong (dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby) was dreamed by his parents. His dad dreamed of a dragon and his mom saw a shining pepper on a tree

-He doesn’t like people calling him by his full name (including the last name) but Jin says calling him ‘Park Ji min’ is perfect to say out loud

-He is good at making sandwiches which he learned from his dad

-Favorite number is 13

Source from BTS official Twitter (@bts_twt)

– Height: 173cm, weight: 60kg, Blood type: A, Shoe size: 265mm

-Shortest member of the group so is called ‘Jimini’. He is the ‘Minimiz’ member with Suga

-His hands are small so he is scared that he might let go of his microphone during concerts

-His little finger is 5.7cm long and wrist circumference is 15cm which is the thinnest among BTS members

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Family members: Parents, Jimin, younger brother (looks similar)

-He is very close to his younger brother even though their age gap isn’t that big. Jimin often calls him with a nickname ‘Hyeoni’. His younger brother is the same age as Jungkook

-Jimin was a fussy eater when he was young but his mom is also a fussy eater so he didn’t get scolded for it

-Due to his diet, he had to eat a lot of chicken breasts and tomatoes. Since then, he fixed his eating habits (imbalanced diet)

-MBTI result: ENFJ

-A phrase best expressed himself is ‘I like people and have a strong view to see positively’

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-His right eye is always slightly swollen. This is a 8-needle stitched scar that he got during his childhood when he hit the toilet

-He is naturally blushed so fans call him ‘Rosy Cheeks’

-He entered Busan Arts High School as the best student, majoring in dance and even took an oath as representative on the day of the entrance ceremony

-It was a big issue for his school because he was the first student from dance major to top in everything at the school

-After enrolling art school, he went to a dance academy but when he told the teacher he was having financial issues and said that he cannot attend anymore, the teacher recommended him to carry on and take classes for free

-When Jimin was 18 years old (during high school), he got into Big Hit Entertainment. Then he moved to Seoul and graduated from Seoul Korea Arts High School.

-You can easily find Jimin standing in steps like dancers

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Currently is attending Global Cyber University majoring in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment

-He learned kendo for 8 years because he wanted to become a swordsman like Zoro when he watched ‘One Piece’ during his childhood. Jimin also has a black belt for Taekwondo

-As an all-round dancer with a wide spectrum of dancing, his hobby is dancing and singing. He can dance poppin, modern dance, freestyle, and martial arts.

-He is good at acrobatic and is the only member of BTS who knows how to do Marshall Arts

-His body is light and has a strong core so he can be in the air for a very long time (when twirling), and even succeeded in ‘transparent box’ challenge

-Most flexible member of BTS

-He received an appreciation plaque from Kim Baekbong Fan Dance Preservation Society after he danced fan dance in 2018 Melon Music Awards

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

In particular, Jimin stands out. His balance, depth, and harmony is well established.
He definitely has his own range of music. Not only his tone and the atmosphere stands out but also everything else he has is the best.

Adam mishan (vocal coach)

-Jimin was the latest member to become a BTS member. He was only a trainee for six months when he was told that he is going to be a debut member. After a year of training, he made debut. So when BTS’ debut date was revealed, Jimin noticed that he was a member of BTS

-Before he entered Big Hit Entertainment, he has never sung before. First song that he practiced was the debut song of BTS

-He was a breathtaking trainee who suffered from the risk of dropping out of the debut group, but he was able to debut after practicing a lot with tremendous effort

-All staffs say Jimin is ‘A member who works hard with effort’

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Because Jimin was a dance major and danced until he entered Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee, he struggled a lot because the muscles he used when modern dancing is different from the muscled used for dancing choreography. When there were some moves that he couldn’t practice, he used to cry in the bathroom

V said Jimin seems like he is gifted with his talents but he tries all the time. Jin once said “Jimin might die if he practices like that” because he only slept for three hours and practiced all day

-Jimin only ate one meal in ten days when he was on a diet for <Blood, sweat & Tears> comeback

-Members selected <Spring Day> and <Blood, sweat & Tears> as songs that stand out Jimin’s attractiveness

-<Promise> which was a song made for the ARMYs recorded ‘Most streamed song in 24 hours’ on SoundCloud

-After joining the agency, he went to the dorms. The first person he saw was V only wearing a red underwear. (V said Jimin came in too suddenly without any notice so he thought it was a prank)

-Since Jimin is an introvert and is hard for him to make friends easily, V suggested to sleep in the living room together with three youngest members; V, Jimin, and Jungkook

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Jimin’s position in BTS is lead vocalist and main dancer

-Even though he dances to powerful moves, his voice is very stabilized when he sings (especially high pitches)

-Nicknames: Parkjimini, bagel, chimchim, mangae, Mochi, Mang gae ddeok, Ddan-ji, Bbang-ddeok, Sexy Mochi, popcorn Jimin, super man man yi

-Fans asked Jimin to guess what ‘Geunjineodae (But doesn’t our Jimin rock?)’ is and he answered ‘Worried Jimin raccoon bald head’

-Members usually call him ‘park Ddan ji’ or ‘beogjimin’ (jimin thigh) because of his thick thighs made from dancing

-Jimin was even on the ‘trending now’ on Twitter at the beginning of his debut because of a choreography showing his abs. But Jimin told members that he could not do the choreography anymore because he is too shy

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

Jimin’s unique voice makes BTS songs special


-He wanted to become a singer after he first watched Rain’s performances

-His role model is ‘Taeyang’. Jimin said he respects Taeyang and wants to become a singer like him

-On the stage, he shows off his charisma like a tiger, but when he is off the stage he turns into a cute rabbit

-Jimin’s personality is kind and shy so he is bad at refusing requests. He is also a good listener. Not only he follows to other members’ opinions but also does not get angry easily.

RM said Jimin’s appearance looks like he belongs to Slytherin from Harry Potter but since he is too kind, he might get bullied

-All of BTS members said Jimin is the member who helps the most and someone who you can rely on when the are having bad time

-When someone asks Jimin for Aegyo, he gets shy and embarrassed easily, but he has a lot of aegyo in reality

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He posts a lot on Official homepage and Twitter, and is the member who uploads selfies the most

-Calls his fans ‘yeppeun-i’ (pretty) and his fans call him ‘gongkayojeong’ (official homepage fairy)

-He usually posts around 3am and sleeps at 6am like an owl

-Is emotional, has a soft personality and cries a lot

-He makes a lot of sad noises while asleep. When his room mate J-Hope asked “Did you have a bad dream?”, Jimin answered “I can’t remember anything

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Before debut, he went to an amusement park (Lotte World) and cried because he couldn’t ride ‘Gyro Drop’

-Jimin still carries Lotte World ticket in his wallet of the day he went with the members

-Falls down a lot in various circumstances

-Is placed on the 7th place of BTS rank, so other members make fun of him and jokes a lot (since he is so kind)

-He laughs a lot and is the only member who laughs to Jin’s dead jokes

-Often watches dog & cat videos on YouTube

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He is soft but is competitive and has a desire of winning. He has a high pride and is stubborn

-J-Hope chose Jimin as the most scariest member when angry

-J-Hope and RM often think Jimin is older than them. He looks like a kid but acts like a grandpa. He is mature and is like a ‘child-adult’

-When BTS went overseas for filming, V had a nightmare so he went to Jimin’s room where he was sleeping. The next day, BTS members had to buy a present for themselves as a mission. Jimin bought a dream catcher for V instead of himself

-His favorite character from Marbles is ‘Hulk’ and the reason is because he fights without using tricks

-Jimin is the member who catches bugs in the dorms but is scared of Zombies and ghosts (He said “If there is Zombie in real life, he is going to cry“).

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-He likes wearing accessories, so most of the time Jimin wears rings, bracelets, and earrings. When performing on stage, his heavy hands make him feel good (from wearing many accessories)

-When claw machine was a trend back in 2016, Jimin pulled two dolls out spending worth $100. He said he is not good at doing things with his hands

-Loves Kimchi so he likes Kimchi fried rice, fried Kimchi, and Kimchi soup. He can even have a meal with only Kimchi and rice

-He can’t eat spicy food

-Drinks alcohol often with Jin and Jungkook

-Doesn’t enjoy drinking by himself

-He likes to drink milk. He likes to drink it pure, and with cereal

-To a question, “If you are trapped in an elevator, who would you like to be trapped with?” He answered, “With a pile of snacks” (He likes Matdongsan, Sesame sticks, Ace, and Doritos-nacho flavor)

-His childhood favorite cartoon is ‘Dragon Ball’

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Is the only BTS member who likes science and math

-Schools that he went to (elementary, middle and high school) are closed. When he heard of the news that his high school will no longer have any students, Jimin sent his signed CDs and paid for some of the students’ uniforms. He also sent presents on graduation

-Was selected as BoF 500 member of a fashion influencer. Among K-pop, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Jimin are the only artists who got selected as BoF 500.

-To “Do you feel the popularity?” question, he replied “It’s not polite to the fans to answer I can’t feel the popularity.”

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

From a fan’s point of view, I think Jimin is a’good idol to be a fan of.’ Just by watching a video, he is cute, sexy, funny, cool, and more… How can you not like Jimin?

Once you go Jimin, you can’t go back

Since debut, Jimin has never disappointed his fans. He always tries his best, is diligent, kind, and surprises his fans with his performances. Jimin makes ARMY to be proud of being a BTS fan. How was today’s TMI series? Did you enjoy Jimin’s TMI? There are only two more members left so don’t miss out!

Congratulations BTS for #1 and#2 on ‘Billboard Hot 100’ this week!

Source from Billboard Charts official twitter (@billboardcharts)

171201 MAMA mic drop remix
(BTS JIMIN focus edit)

Dance Practice (Jimin: Red Hat)

2017 MAMA ‘BTS – Spring Day’
Jimin performing live
while jumping and twisting his waist (0:53~)

2018.5.31 M Countdown
‘BTS – FAKE LOVE’ Jimin camera

2020.2.27 M Countdown

More TMI Series to come!!!

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