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Today’s TMI Series is about BTS‘ leader! Rap monster, RM! Let’s start shall we?!

TMI Series ep.4


-Name: Kim Namjun (金南俊) , A.K.A RM

-His last name ‘Kim’ is from Gangneung region and is the 39th generation of his family

-His name means ‘Be the worthy and outstanding man of the south’

-He first debuted with a name, ‘Rap Monster’ but later changed to ‘RM’ On November 13, 2017

-Born on September 12, 1994 in Dongjak, Seoul

-His family members are: parents, younger sister, dog ‘Rapmoney’

-RM once took all umbrellas outside when it was raining to annoy his sister

-Height: 181cm, weight: 67kg, Blood type: A, shoes size: 280mm

-Has no religion

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-When he was young, he didn’t have any dreams, but studied hard because his father once said, “You have to study hard to avoid getting caught when you have a dream later.

-He grew up in a neighborhood with competitive education area, so he went to 40-50 academies throughout school days

-Can’t eat seafood

-A huge fan of ‘Yoonha’. He often posted tweets about Younha and he featured in Yoonha’s mini album so now is a successful fan

-Sleeps for four hours (average)

-MBTI result: ENFP

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Hobby: Walking, bike riding, going to exhibitions and museums, enjoying art pieces, reading, watching movies

-Specialties: rap, writing lyrics, composing, English

-His position of BTS is leader and rapper

-He is called ‘The last normal member of BTS’ because RM is usually calm and watches other six members a step back when they are joking and playing around with each other

-Although RM is in the middle of BTS members in age wise, he was selected as the leader because he is mature and thoughtful for his age. Also, RM was the main member when forming the group

-RM’s speech impresses a lot of people. He is called ‘Man of the Awards’ because of his speeches spoken at the awards ceremony

-Enjoys going to cafes. He usually goes to cafes with V and chat together

-One of the members who enjoys reading. He once wanted to become a writer when he was young and wanted to major in creative writing

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Nicknames: leader rapper, kim daily, rapjun (rap moster+ Namjoon), joony (family nickname), kim leader, ryan (from Kakao friends), brain monster (he is very smart), vocal monster, namjoony..etc

-He achieved 850 points on TOEIC when he was a middle school student. His IQ was 148 in high school and was always the best student in class (one of his friends who had similar grade went to Seoul University)

-He is in charge of overseas media interviews, and his English teacher is said to have been an American national drama’Friends’

-When he was young, he watched ‘Friends’ DVD his parents bought and studied in Korean subtitles → English subtitles → no subtitled order

-He started to like hip-hop in sixth grade when he was shocked by listening to Epik High’s ‘Fly’ for the first time. He was surprised that rap could deliver messages and people’s stories to others

-Has listened to Epik High’s ‘Fly’ for about 3,000-4,000 times by now

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Before his debut, he was an amateur who posted his work on jungle radio or hip-hop play. (At that time, his nickname was ‘Runch Randa’)

-From the name Runch Randa, he brought R and came up with Rap Monster

-From his first year of junior high school until joining the agency as a trainee, he steadily posted written raps on hip-hop community

-Untouchable’s Sleepy saw Rapmon’s stage by chance and recommended to Bang Sihyuk which led him to join Big Hit Entertainment

-His crew members joined the agency as trainees but all withdrew except RM since the group’s route changed from hip-hop to an idol group

-All trainees who joined with RM left the agency and Namjun became the only member left and was the first member of BTS

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Has a timid personality. He is one of the members who cares about comments

-Often called as ‘Kim Netizen’ among fans. He checks all little comments and remembers them well

Although it took me a long time to accept myself and realize that I can hurt someone, now when I get criticized, I try to think one more time about why those people thought that way.


-RM and Jin are two members who are not used to dancing so they are usually at the back row

-Perhaps because he was so sure of his path as a rapper, he refused to dance when he was a trainee

-Dance practices were so hard that he ran away. But at the end of the day, his dad persuaded him to go back

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-Tallest member of the group. You can tell who RM is from far away because of his height

-Because of his good fashion sense, his pictures usually get taken at the airport and during schedule. Rm likes to try new styles

-His mother also has a good fashion sense

-Ideal type: Someone who is smart, and suits well in white t-shirt & jeans with a red high converse

-According to other members, he is just like the main character from ‘Reply 1994’. Jimin sometimes calls him ‘chilchilyi’ because most of the time is clumsy. He only becomes a different person when he is working

-Just the opposite from Suga. When Suga fixes everything at the dorm, RM breaks everything

-He said that he had broken bathroom handles, fridge doors, deleted his music files he was working on, and destroyed up to 7 items a day before his debut

-RM couldn’t dance in Sapporo concert because he hit his toe from the corner of his room furniture

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-During V Live ‘Born Voyage’, BTS members went on a vacation to Northern Europe. RM started losing his stuff and at the end he lost his passport and had to come back to Korea by himself

-Other members said, “When RM cooks, it’s not the food that burns. Fry pans burn. For world piece, please do not cook or drive!”

-In addition to destruction, he often loses things, so sometimes he forgets that he even borrowed things. (A.k.a Destruction hand)

-Thanks to his hands (?), he even ripped Jungkook‘s outfit during FAKE LOVE Stage

-At the beginning of his debut, he thought a lot about his identity at the border between an idol and a rapper. He mentioned, ‘I’m afraid that the word’ idol’ will hide the motivation to become a real artist.

-With the help of self-reflection and due to ARMYs, he decided not to think about the distinction between ‘idol’ and’artist’, but to believe in himself

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

When people listen to my music, I hope that it will have a good influence on them and to lead them to the right direction


-Center of the rapper line and does the most of producing and composing as well as writing the lyrics

-His music gets inspired from people’s conversation walking pass

-Likes going to places that he is not familiar with. He made a song ‘Reflection’ from WINGS album from ‘TTuk Island’ because he was stuck with working his music

Source from BTS Twitter (@bts_twt)

-RM’s Mix-tape was selected as #48 on ‘2015 Best Hip hop 50’ held from Spin Magazine

-Although he is a rapper in the group, he sings well

-His throat is naturally weak, so his voice quickly breaks even during recording

-Studio is called ‘RKIVE’

-RM’s second mix-tape <MONO> ranked on 26 on ‘Billboard Hot 200’ chart, which is the highest ranking for Korean solos ever

source from James Corden Twitter (@jkcorden)

If your pain is 100, and we can reduce it to 99, 98, 97, then we are satisfied of our existence.


Rm is the first member of BTS and also someone who could make BTS become so successful. That’s why he is so precious and valuable to ARMYs. Fans are so thankful of his effort and music 🙂 RM is the best leader who is well centered and listens to other members’ opinions. I believe he is one of the best leaders in k-pop!

More TMI Series to come!!!

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