Are you guys excited for BTS‘ concert this week??!!

BTS is holding an online concert ‘BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’ from October 10 to October 11 for two days. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the concert will be held only online. However, ARMYs are super excited about their online concert and are looking forward to meeting BTS! Today, I am going to explain to you about every bits of pieces about the concert so that you can enjoy!

So, let’s get started! Here is the information below,


▶️Day 1: Streaming starts October 10, 2020 @ 7pm KST, 6am ET

▶️Day 2: Streaming starts October 11, 2020 @ 4pm KST, 3am ET


Korea, English, Mandarin, Japanese will be translated during the live stream

Technical specifications required

  • Video quality: 4K (limited to 4K Pass purchasers only), 1080, 720, 540, 480, 360 / AUTO
  • Simultanoues access: Up to 2 devices can access this performance simultaneously. When a third device is connected, the first device will be logged out automatically.
  • Please connect using an Internet speed of at least 20Mbps. You may experience poor connections on public networks, even if the speed is over 20Mbps. (Minimum of 30Mbps is required to use the 4K View Pass.)
  • Data usage may increase when using 3G/LTE.
  • Resolution selection is restricted when viewing on iOS and the resolution will be set to AUTO, depending on the network status.
  • Viewing may be interrupted if you are using versions earlier than iOS 13.6. Please update to iOS 13.6 or higher in advance.
  • Mirroring is available depending on the user’s mobile or TV functions. Please check the user manual of your device for detailed instructions.


  1. General Buyers

💜Day 1 Price Tiers

▶️Day 1 (October 10) HD Multi-View – 49,000 KRW
▶️Day 1 (October 10) HD Multi-View + Exhibition – 61,000 KRW

💜Day 2 Price Tiers

▶️Day 2 (October 11) HD Multi-View – 49,000 KRW
▶️Day 2 (October 11) HD Multi-View + Exhibition – 61,000 KRW

💜2-Day Price Tiers

▶️2 Day HD Multi-View – 90,000 KRW
▶️2 Day HD Multi-View + Exhibition – 101,000 KRW

❗️PLEASE NOTE – ARMY Membership holders can also purchase for general sales as well.

2. ARMY Membership Buyers

💜Day 1 Price Tiers

▶️Day 1 (October 10) 4K Single View + HD Multi-View – 59,500 KRW
▶️Day 1 (October 10) 4K Single View + HD Multi-View + Exhibition – 71,000 KRW

💜Day 2 Price Tiers

▶️Day 2 (October 11) 4K Single View + HD Multi-View – 59,500 KRW
▶️Day 2 (October 11) 4K Single View + HD Multi-View + Exhibition – 71,000 KRW

💜2-Day Price Tiers

❗️THERE ARE NO 2-DAY PACKAGES for the 4K Single View + Multi-view for ARMY Membership Holders


1. Enjoy watching with your favorite food and beverage!

Since the concert is held online, you can enjoy watching BTS concert with your favorite food. Bring some nice food and beverage to make a perfect concert! Remember, Good food + BTS= heaven!!

2. Sit back, Relax and Enjoy!

Of course watching online will not be the same as an offline concert, but one of the good thing is, your home can be the concert hall! Relax, lay back and enjoy while watching the concert. You can lay down on a sofa or bed and watch in your most comfortable way!

3. Watch from two devices at the same time!

You can stream up to two devices at the same time to enjoy BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert! This means, you can enjoy the concert with your family, friends or even colleagues! If you want surrounding sounds, you can easily adjust from one of the two devices that suits the best. Also, if you need to go somewhere or need to work on something, you can take your phone and watch the concert easily.

If you haven’t bought the tickets yet, hurry up and buy them now! Here is a guideline of buying the ticket.

I will put the link next to each steps that directs to the following websites!

  1. Go to ‘WeVerse Shop’ homepage. CLICK HERE
  2. Log in/sign up
  3. Decide which date you want to watch (October10, October11, or BOTH!)
  4. Make payments
  5. Wait until the concert
  6. (ON THE D-DAY) Set nickname and Click ‘Verify Ticket’
  7. Enjoy! Click Here (Live streamed)

Here is a video of ‘How To Enjoy a “Home-cert” with TinyTAN’ below!

Source from USBTSarmy, BTSkiswe, BigHit Entertainment

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