As mentioned previously, ‘2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Chuseok Special’ was replaced to ‘2020 Idol Star eSports Championships – Chuseok Special’ and ‘2020 Idol Star Dog-Agility Championships – Chuseok Special‘ due to COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t read the article about 2020 Idol Star Dog-Agility contest yet, go and check out!

The eSports championships-Chuseok special was a stand-alone special that was aired on October 1. The event was MCed by Super Junior’s Shindong, Hong Jin Young, and Jeon Yong Joon and was held with no audience. The competition was held indoors under strict guidelines. In order to prevent COVID-19, a separate booth was installed and masks were provided to all players. In addition, hand sanitizers were provided in each booth. Moreover all staffs and players’ temperature was checked.

The event was divided into two main sections (two games). Participants first started off with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile game. 12 teams including The Boyz, NCT Dream, SF9, Jae Hwan, Park Ji Hoon, Ha Sung Woon, N.Flying, ONF, Golden Child, DONGKIZ , CRAVITY, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, AB6IX, IZ*ONE, LOONA, and GWSN participated in the game.

First game was an individual round between 47 idols. Final three members left in the game were NCT Dream’s Chenle, Miyawaki Sakura from IZ*ONE, and Park Ji Hoon. Chenle won the first round and said, “Everyone who who participated showed great skills. I was lucky to win and it’s an honor.” Second game was a team match. Park Ji Hoon won and shocked everyone in the first round of the squad game. AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi also remained as one of the two final survivors but was soon killed by Park Ji Hoon. In the second round of the team match, one of the funny moment was when PENTAGON’s Wooseok ignored his team members asking for help and survived on his own. In a final close match, N.Flying won due to Yoo Hee Seung’s wonderful play. MVP (Most Valuable Player) was also nominated. MVP was to Seo Dong Sung, who had been ranked in the Top 100 in Asia before. N.Flying was given a gold medal, beef set, and chance to donate masks. Seo Dong Sung said, “I didn’t expect this at all. I only play for about an hour or two before I go to bed. It’s my only hobby.”

Here are some clips from the game match below!

Source from MBC Entertainment YouTube

The second game of The eSports championships-Chuseok special was a racing game, KartRider mobile version. The event was held at night after Battleground. Participants for this game included; Lovelyz, Oh My GirlMONSTA X, N.Flying, APRIL, WJSN, NCT, SF9, PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, IZ*ONE, AB6IX, Natty, and WEi.

For this game, it was divided into three sections; Speed individual & team match, and item team match. In an individual player speed match up, 32 players were divided into 4 groups (A-D groups).

‘A’ Group A.K.A ‘Legend tier’s winner was WEi’s Kim Dong Han. ONF’s MK came second and both made it to the finals. First and second place in the ‘B’ Group were IZ*ONE’s Choi Ye Na and Kwon Eun Bi. ‘C’ Group’s winners were NCT’s Jungwoo and ONF’s Hyojin , and NCT’s Jeno and WEi’s Kim Yo Han from Group ‘D’ also went to the finals. In the finals, Kim Dong Han won the first place and ONF’s Hyojin grabbed the second place.

For the speed team match, NCT, N.Flying X SF9, Lovelyz X Golden Child, MONSTA X, and PENTAGON made it to the semifinals. The final match was between N.Flying X SF9 team and MONSTA X X PENTAGON team. Finally MONSTA X & PENTAGON team won! Minhyuk said, “We didn’t expect that we would do so well. We ended up having great teamwork. Thanks to Wooseok we could win”. Wooseok said the opposite and thanked Minhyuk and Kihyun.

In the final race which was an item team race, NCT was the winner. The prizes were the same. They took the gold medal, beef set, and chance to donate masks.

Here are some fun moments of KartRider mobile game. Enjoy below!

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