Did you enjoy Chuseok Holiday? For those of you who are not Korean, last week was a long holiday in Korea to celebrate Chuseok. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, not many families could gather around and enjoy as usual but many people took a nice, long rest. Now, let’s find out who won the Korean Music Charts for October’s first Week!

Watheydo ‘Weekly music chart’ provides winners of Korea’s Music Chart of the week and is updated on Mondays 🙂

M COUNTDOWN : First Week Of October

On M Countdown’s Chuseok special, they played replays of previous performances. Winner of Chuseok epsiode went to The Boyz! The group won with their song ‘The Stealer’. Congratulations for winning the First Week of October!

Here is a video of The Boyz celebrating below,

Music Bank, SHOW MUSIC CORE, Inkigayo:
First week of October

This week’s episode was not aired due to Chuseok holiday but Music Bank and Inkigayo have announced the winners for the week!

BTS has taken another win of Music Bank’s October 2’s episode.  

On Inkigayo, BLACKPINK’s ‘Ice Cream’ (feat. Selena Gomez) won the first place with 6,267 points. This makes BLACKPINK’s a triple crown with ‘Ice Cream’.

Moreover, here are videos of k-pop idols greet for chuseok. Enjoy below,

Kang Daniel
Oh My Girl
Stray Kids
Chung Ha

It’s sad that we are back to reality but hope you have enjoyed your holiday!

If you wonder who will win the #1 Award for next week, stay tuned. We will update every Monday of each week’s winners!

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