Are you enjoying BTS week on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’? They are performing a song everyday for a week so don’t miss out on their performances! Moreover, BTS’ single ‘Dynamite’ has topped again on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Congratulations guys 🙂

I am not sure how BTS will surprise us with more good news. Stay tuned for their upcoming album as well! Meanwhile, let’s continue with TMI series. Next is….BTS’ energizer and positive king J-HOPE

TMI Series ep.3

<BTS, J-Hope>

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Name: Jeong Ho seok (鄭號錫), J-Hope

-His name means to notice his name across the country (which became true)

-Born on 18 February 1994, in Ilgoktaekji-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju

-His birthday is in February but entered school with 1994 kids (In Korea, if your birthday is in January or February, you often enter school a year earlier than the year you are born in. EX) Feb 1994 kid would attend school with students who were born in 1993)

-Among BTS members, he is friends (same age) as RM and calls Suga hyeong (older brother)

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

J-Hope is like water. Just by being around us, performing on stages, and how well he dances, his attitude to us….everything that he does just makes us feel comfortable.

-RM <Burn the Stage>

-It was Christmas Eve when he first moved in the trainees’ dorm

-When he was a trainee, he called Jimin Mr. Jimin because it was so awkward

-When other BTS members went back home for New Years, J-Hope had to stay in the dorm by himself. Suga came with fried chicken and J-Hope was touched

-Before he debuted, J-Hope left the agency once. Other BTS members persuaded him so he came back

-He uses Jeolla province dialect

-His family members are parents, older sister, J-Hope and Mickie (Shih Tzu)

-Is the only BTS member with an older sister

-He was a mischievous student but he went to the same high school as his dad (teacher) so had to eventually behave well

-His parents didn’t want J-hope to get his ears pierced and he is also afraid himself to get them done

-He is a coward (The most fearful BTS member)

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Height: 177cm, Weight: 65kg, Blood type: A, Shoes size: 265mm

-Does not have a religion

-He likes his leg the most among his body

-He is the most tidy and neat person in the dorm

-MBTI result: ESFJ

-He is emotional and likes to watch romantic movies

-First album he bought with his money is ‘god’s Album

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Has a driver’s license

-His sleeping habit is touching his body delicately

-He used to play tennis and once became 3rd place in one of competitions

-The reason he first started playing tennis was because a teacher asked if anyone wanted to play tennis and J-hope was yawning with his arms raised. The teacher thought he put up his hands and that’s how he joined the tennis team

-Position: sub rapper, main dancer. His specialties are street dancing and free style dancing

-Collects BE@RBRICKs & shoes and displays them in a cabinet

-When he gets stress, J-Hope likes to reorganize his cabinet

-‘Messing up the room’ and ‘destroying his figures’ will make J-Hope mad

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-He was famous as an underground dancer in Gwangju, and his nickname was ‘Smile Hoya’ at that time

-He won many awards in dance competitions and festivals as a street dancer

-BTS’ best dancer, has been teaching and leading other BTS members’ dance skills

-Although he can perform various genres of dance, he is particularly good at powerful choreography such as technical waves and poppin. His powerful and neat moves makes his dance more special

-His body is flexible and resilient, and is good at using his waist and joints

-In a Billboard interview, to the question, ‘Who is the best dancer of BTS?’ not only the choreographer (Son Seongdeuk) said J-Hope but also the rest of members answered J-Hope

-He is also called ‘choreography manager’, ‘Jeong manager’

-Nicknames: hobi, hosigi, hobal-i, Mr Hope, hope and jimin mom, J-fit (his fit for wearing clothes is good), jeongjjehob, squirrel , deer, angel, sunshine (many foreign fans call him sunshine)

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-His studio is called ‘Hope World’

-Due to his energetic and active personality, he gets along with people easily

-He first learned how to rap after he joined the agency

-Learns quickly. Suga once said “Even J-Hope doesn’t know how talented he is”

-His unique tone and flow is very attractive

-One of the members who can write and compose songs. He made ‘MAMA’, a song about his mother that was in his 2nd regular album. His father was very proud of him

-RM said “Excellent sense of creating popular melodies”

-Because he is a rapper and main dancer, there aren’t many opportunities to hear him sing but J-Hope sang in one of Japanese concerts and turned out to be a great singer

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Ideal type: A thoughtful women who can cook well and loves J-Hope

-Has a lot of Aegyo and is very lovely. He is super cute

-The only time he is ‘Hope-less’ is when J-Hope is tired

-He can be sensitive when he is lack of sleep

-He tends to keep it in his heart when he gets hurt from someone, and doesn’t show off, but when the buildup bursts, it gets out of control

-When he gets angry, his mouth turns into ‘ㅅ’

-Laughs with his mouth covered

-In March 2018, J-Hope’s mix tape ‘Hope World’ ranked 63rd on the Billboard 200 chart, setting the highest record among Korean solo singers and made #38 the following week, making the first Korean Solo artist to be in the chart for two weeks in a row

Source from “Ariana Grande’s Twitter @ArianaGrande

I’m your hope, You’re my hope, I’m J-Hope


+2014 MAMA J-Hope & Jimin

BTS VS Block B Dance Battle

‘Baep Sae’ Dance break

Did you guys enjoy reading J-Hope’s TMI? Although he is a cutie with a wonderful smile, he becomes a dancing machine when he dances to his powerful moves and that’s what really makes him a charming star!

More TMI Series to come!!!

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