On October 2, MBC aired ‘2020 Idol Star Dog-Agility Championships – Chuseok Special‘.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ that was held every year was replaced to 2020 Idol Star Dog-Agility Championships – Chuseok Special’. There were 11 teams who participated in the event and they have practiced for over two months. Jun Hyun Moo and Red Velvet‘s Joy were the two MCs of the event.


  1. UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok’s -Ddadda (Pomeranian)

2. (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Haku- (poodle)

3. LOONA’s Heejin – Tori

4. LOONA’s Choerry -Haengoon

5. Yubin – Kongbin (Shiba)

6. GOT7’s Youngjae – Coco (Maltese)

7. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul -Daebak, Haengoon, and Keongang (Welsh Corgi)

8. Lovelyz’s Jisoo – Woojoo and Rocket

9. WJSN’s Soobin – Lucky (Jindo)

10. Golden Child’s Jaehyun -Bonggu

11. Golden Child’s Bomin – Joy.

The dogs had to clear an obstacle course consisted of hurdles, tunnel, tires, etc. and were guided by their owners. During the obstacle course, Ddadda skipped the tire obstacle so he couldn’t receive 20 bonus points. On the other hand, Soobin’s dog, Lucky left the course to mark his territory and was off the track leading the team disqualified.

The second preliminary round was played by Bonggyu, Joy, and Kongbin. Bomin (owner of Joy) said, “My mom trained Joy. She said to do a good job.” Joy didn’t clear the tire obstacle but finished the course and gained 100 points. Kongbin went off the course but finished to the end, earning 100 points. Bonggu was slow but successfully came in and gained points.

In the third preliminaries, Moonbyul’s Keongang cleared the tire course and earned 20 bonus points Keongang was well focused and did better than expected. All together, Keongang received 120 points.

The fourth preliminaries was played by Youngjae’s Coco and Choerry’s Haengoon. Coco was distracted and wasn’t performing as expected. Youngjae made an excuse saying she is not familiar with the place. She often marked her territory. At the end, the team withdrew the competition.

In the fifth preliminaries, Tori and Haku competed each other. Heejin mentioned that Tori was an abandoned dog. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it over the hurdles. Haku seemed to be a potential winner. Haku earned 120 points with a record of 10.82-seconds. Shuhua said, “I’d new she would get a good score.”

In the finals, Bomin’s Joy and Choerry’s Haengoon both earned 85 points, and Yubin’s Kongbin earned 80 points. Shuhua’s Haku and Moonbyul’s Keongang showed great teamwork, the dogs were quick and well focused. They gained bonus points with a total of 120 points. Moonbyul’s Keongang won the competition and Haku was placed in the second position. For the prize, Keongang took 300 kilograms of dog food that was donated to a shelter for abandoned dogs in their names.

Enjoy the fun moments of idol stars and their pets below,

Source from MBC Entertainment YouTube

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