Followed by BTS Jin‘s TMI episode, we are back with another TMI series (YAAAAYYYY) !! Fans describe him this way, “If you fall into him, there’s no way out!” Next is BTS’ main rapper with a perfect diction who likes to write and compose songs.

The more you get to know him, the more you will think, “Am I allowed to like this guy?….I Mean…can I…?” So, are you ready? Take a deep breathe and let’s go! Make sure you don’t get Deogtongsago!!

TMI Series ep.2

<BTS, Suga>

Source from BTS Official Website

-Name: Min Yoon Gi. His last name, ‘Min’ is originally from a region in Korea, Yeoheung (Now Yeoju) and is the 31st generation of his family. Yoon means ‘marble’ and Gi means ‘he/him’. His name was given from his dad as a hope to live a well-run and plentiful life. (Korean names usually contain meanings for each characters)

-Suga’s dad used to call him ‘Songwol’ (松月) wishing him to enjoy the elegance and dignity

-Born on March 9, 1993 in Taejeon Dong, Buk-gu Chilgok district, Daegu, Republic of Korea

-When Suga was a trainee, he tried to fix his dialect by reading news scripts. But until now, when he talks with BTS members or gets excited, his Gyeongsang-do dialect comes out

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-His Taemong (dream of the forthcoming conception of a baby) was dreamed by his mom and it was about a pumpkin coming over a window

-Set up a restaurant for his parents (They sell Korean soup)

-Height: 173.8cm, Weight: 59kg, Blood type: O, Shoes size: 265mm

-Family members: parents, older brother, brown poodle named Holy

-His personality is cold outside but warm inside

People worry about me reading malicious comments and haters but.. I don’t read them.

It’s okay to write more. The agency will sue them.

If I don’t read, company charges, and no compromise= Everyone is happy

-September 19, 2018 On V Live-
Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Ideal type: someone with a good personality who loves music and hip hop

-He is sweet and lovely to his fans (and often shows aegyo!)

-He is cold but kind at the same time so is usually described as ‘Cares without giving attention’

J-Hope said “Suga cares the most for BTS members

-Sleeps a lot and usually has no energy so staff members often ask him if he is sick. He is exactly opposite from energetic

-He wants to be born as a rock next time so that he doesn’t have to do anything

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Suga said, “I don’t sleep a lot. I just work on music during the night and dawn so I sleep for a short period for many times

-He doesn’t like going outside so usually spends time at home or at his studio

-Almost lives at his studio. There is everything in his studio that he needs for living

-Other members said Suga has a ‘Workaholic concept’

-Now he is very slim but used to be one of the chubby trainee members

-Eats food without energy so others often say ‘He eats to live‘ but members say Suga is not a peaky eater. He eats everything

-Is a great chef. He cooks often during shows and results turn out to be delicious. BTS members love his food

-His favorite food is Eobogjaengban

-Hobby: playing basketball & photography, specialty: rap, writing lyrics and composing

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Back at school, Suga was a member of basketball team and won several awards in competitions

-He likes ‘Slam Dunk’ comic and his favorite character is Jeong Dae Man

-He once made a beat from basketball sounds

-He was also a member of student council

-Suga’s dream used to be an architecture since he is deftness and handles machines well. Until now, he fixes stuff that’s broken at dorm

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-When he was a trainee, Suga worked as a delivery guy due to lack of money

-Has drivers license and motorcycle license

-Before his debut, he injured his shoulder from a motorcycle accident so he lost his muscles because he was unable to exercise

-Position in the group: lead rapper

-He is the second oldest in the group and when members misbehave, Suga scolds and gives advices to them

-He has a round and cute baby face but his voice is deep and low. When he raps, his voice tone rises by one key

-He is the whitest (has the clearest skin) member of BTS and compared to other Koreans, Suga is considered white. So when taking photo shoots, he puts on tone down makeup

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-when he smiles, his mouth opens widely and makes a mouth cave (his mouth looks like a cave)

-He first started music in his sixth grade (elementary school) when someone said “You can’t. You wont be successful with music”

-He hates losing. He even has to win small, entertaining games

-Started working and mixing his music since 13 years old

-First album bought with his money was Eminem’s album

-While working as a part-timer in a studio, he learned how to compose and mix, so he mastered the recording and sound equipments

-He earned money from arranging his school song (his own high school)

-Learned how to play the piano by himself

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-When he was a trainee, he did ‘1 Day 1 Verse’ . This means he composed one song per day

-He wrote about 200 songs a year

-Suga’s studio is called ‘Genius Lab’

-He has the largest studio among BTS members and has a strong security (double safety doors) but forgot what his password was so couldn’t enter his studio for 4 days

-Unexpectedly, he didn’t have high grades in ‘music’ classes back at school(!)

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

A perverse, mature, genius artist.

BTS could be like BTS because of you.

So I hope you continue your music career with your gifted talent and become a wonderful artist!

-Bang Si Hyuk (CEO of Big Hit Entertainment)

-He suffered from depression, obsession, and social phobia. Suga had hard times in the past; mentally and physically

-Writes about his experiences and agony of difficult times in his lyrics

-He used to have a stronger vocalization method when he rapped but has changed the habit now (wan’t good for his voice)

-Vocabulary that he uses in his mix tapes are quite different from BTS albums. It’s way stronger and even has curses

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Some of his songs can’t pass the deliberation due to his straight forward lyrics

-Suga’s <FIRST LOVE> was the only song in <WINGS> album that couldn’t pass the deliberation. Fans are now used to Suga’s songs not passing it. Suga doesn’t really care about this too. He said he would rather write it freely and comfortably

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

The rain leaves traces on my dirty shoes as if to let me know its there.

Like this, like the rain, could I leave a trace on you?

If not, will my existence be like a sudden rain shower that just comes and goes?”

<Dark & Wild> 06. Rain

-He is emotional, delicate and is good at writing lyrics

-originally, he wanted to become a producer and song writer

-Even among many sing- a-song BTS members, Suga puts a lot of effort into his songs and lyrics

-Even though he wears braces, his pronunciation and diction is good

-MBTI result is INFP

-According to his palm reading, ‘He is afraid of being honest’ and is ‘A person who pursues practicality among many methods but is emotional at the same time’. Also, he is ‘sensitive but flexible and is open minded’

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-In January 2016, Suga visited his alma mater in his hometown, Daegu and gave a special lecture to the students

-Doe not have a religion. Non of BTS members have a religion

-Is good at talking and is a good host so you will often see him as MC with Jin

-On his birthday in 2018, he donated signed CDs with beef to childcare facility to keep his promise from four years ago. He promised his fans that he would buy beef on March 9, 2018 but it was realistically impossible so he made a donation under the name ‘ARMY’

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-His nick name: sugar, Min sugar, syumgilyeog (sugar + no energy), yoon gi sunbae, min pd, min hyeong, min bba dab (if you fall into him, there is no exit)

-Because of his name, most of his nicknames are related to sugar. But it’s actually SUGA without an ‘R’

-Whenever his explanations of his name changes, people asked “why is it different all the time?”. He answered “Does it really matter though? It’s not that important

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

Anxiety and loneliness exist all the time.

To me, how to reduce really matters and I think it’s homework that I have to work on for the rest of my live.

All emotions and circumstances are different. That’s why life is all about thinking. Therefore, I want to say “I’m also anxious and so are you, so let’s find out the answer together”

Did you enjoy the episode of BTS Suga? Even though he is like a superman producing BTS & other artists’ songs, it makes me sad that he cried in the shower after ‘AMAS’ stage because of pressure.

Just as how rough waves and strong wind make a great sailor, I want to send love and support to Suga, who has overcome all the pain and became such a successful artist in his position now. Well done Suga!!

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