K-pop titans BTS have announced the release of their new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ to be out on November 20. Their latest single ‘Dynamite’ broke YouTube records for ‘The most views in 24 hours’, by scoring more than 100 million views. Moreover, BTS have also made another history by becoming the first K-pop artist ever to top the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ for two weeks in a row. There is a saying, “If you don’t know BTS, you are ASSA!”

Okay, so let’s start with the TMI series! Today is the oldest member of BTS. It’s World Wide Handsome….Jin! More TMI series of BTS are yet to come, so stay tuned!

TMI Series ep.1


Source from BTS Official Website

-Name: Kim Suk Jin. His last name, ‘Kim’ is originally from a region from Korea, Gwangsan. Suk means ‘big’ and Jin means ‘treasure’. His name was given as a hope to become a big treasure. (Korean names usually contain meanings for each characters)

-Position: Sub Vocalist & Visual

-Urban style & classic handsome. BTS members also admitted that he is the visual of the group

-His first impression from other BTS members were ‘scary’ and ‘seems hard to get close’ but they were all surprised at his handsomeness (Now he is one of the beagle members)

-Chosen as ‘The most handsome Idol’ from other idol members. Nominated as the most handsome guy among 18,000 worldwide handsome men hosted by the Czech doll designer team ‘Sizidolik’, he was also ranked as #1 for scientifically handsome Asian male by plastic surgeons. (Perfect proportion for faces)

-He was selected as ‘Best Visual KPOP Idol’ for ‘male category’ by over 43% of the votes on Global K Community ‘Names’ (For female: Blackpink‘s Jisoo was selected)
-He likes ‘Ajaegaegeu’ which means dead jokes. Jin’s dead joke was introduced on June 30, 2017, on Billboard.com

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-He has a high pitched laugh so J-Hope expressed as ‘The sound of cleaning windows’

-If other BTS members are trendy vocalists, Jin is more like a classic ballad vocalist. His tone matches well with Ballad and OST music.

-Height: 179cm, Weight: 64kg. He has a slim body figure but has wide shoulders so Jin has to wear XXL (Size 115)

-Originally, he had a good physical, but his shoulders became wider through work outs, so he is currently in charge of the visual and wide shoulders of BTS

-Blood type is O and wears 265 mm shoes. He has no religion

-Likes the color pink. He once used a pink Ice cream folder phone

-First album he bought with his money was ‘SNSD’s Album

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Family members: parents, older brother.

-He was born in Gwacheon

-His parents are from Chungcheong Province, so he sometimes speak Chungcheong dialect.

-The only member who was born during No Tae-woo regime. Other members were born in Kim Young-sam regime

-He is 29 years old (2020). Jin has a baby face and looks super young

-Due to his looks, he got cast from SM Entertainment. (Got a phone call after the first audition but didn’t go because he thought it was a scam)

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-MBTI results are INTP. He is the only member of BTS who has a ‘T’ (thinking type)

-The most fearful member in BTS and is especially afraid of bugs and ghosts

-Graduated from Konkuk University (Department of Film) and is currently enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University Graduate School

Once wanted to become a reporter when he was in the first year of high school, but his dream changed when he was moved by Bidam (Kim Nam-gil) acting in his drama, so he decided to become an actor who can impress people

-To become an actor, he broke the competition of 210:1 and got accepted to the Department of Film at Konkuk University, but while reading the script on his way to school, he got cast by Big Hit Entertainment and became an idol

-At first, he became an idol to gain some experiences, but now he loves meeting ARMYs (fandom) with his music and wants to work in the career path as a singer for a long time

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-His hobbies are collecting Mario dolls, collecting Al-jay characters, cooking, and playing games

-He likes to cook and is a good chef. He made a perfect omelet on a TV program ‘Let’s Have A Meal’ even though it wasn’t Jin’s kitchen

Jimin used to be a picky eater so he couldn’t eat mushrooms, but Jin’s mushroom nutritional rice made him eat mushrooms

-All BTS members like Jun’s seaweed soup and rice cake soup

-During Jin’s V live ‘Eat Jin Live’, he cooks and eats during the broadcast and uploads cooking recipe on his blog. But he is more talented in eating than cooking

-He appealed that among BTS members, he is the best eater

A way to be cruel to Jin is, ‘Take Nintendo and food away from him’

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-Once he went to a buffet with his family and ate for two and half hours because he wasn’t full

-According to the resume that was uploaded on BTS’ Festa official Facebook, Jin eats eight meals a day and eats meat in three meals. During the show <Baekjongwon’s Three Kings>, Jin revealed that actor Lee Won-geun and he cleared 6 bowls of rice and 12 portions of meat.

-Jin is close friends with actor Lee Won Geun because went to the same University

-He doesn’t like the smell of wooden chopsticks so he doesn’t use them. Jin usually takes his own chopsticks and uses them

-Jin is allergic to garlic but said he would rather eat them and itch his body

-He exercises a lot after eating

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

His face is often swollen, so he usually wears acupressure slippers before his schedule to get rid of swelling

-Only got one ear pierced (left side)

-When raising the glasses, he turns his wrist around and raise it

-Has a habit of saying ‘no~’ at the beginning of his sentences

-Specialties include water sports, tennis, golf, snowboarding , ★face and shoulders★

-Has a good sense of hosting, entertainment and is perfect in everything. He is comparable to the youngest member Jungkook who is an Overpowered character

-He is the MC line with Suga and is usually the MC in official events

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

He has a good physical, is strong and is a good athlete but surprisingly, he couldn’t dance well when he first debuted so he was in the corner of stages. However, through BTS’ second album, ‘Blood sweat Tears’, he showed a huge progress in dancing and was no longer awkward so now he is just good in everything…bummer

-During filming the Japanese version of <Blood Swat Tears>, Jin acted without any rehearsals. V said “It was so real I almost fell for it

-During <DNA> in 2017, Jin practiced dancing for 8-10 hours a day

-Nicknames: World Wide Handsome, The guy who opened the door from the car, the guy from the third, UNGAGuy, shoulder handsome guy, EAT+Jin, Madnae (oldest member +Youngest member), sexy cooking guy, handsome Jin, Jinpaca (Jin+Alpaca)

-He knows that he is handsome, but when he gets attention, his ears get read. So Jin sometimes mumbles in interviews

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

-You can see Jin playing instruments through BTS concerts. He plays the guitar, Organ and the piano.

-Although his personality is kind and calm, he sometimes shows his beagleness and became the first place of ‘Madnae Idol’ (oldest member who acts like the youngest member) on a music program <THE SHOW>

-The CEO and founder of BigHit Entertainment; Bang Si Hyuk producer has praised Jin through an interview. Bang said “The oldest member Jin’s personality doesn’t change. He has common sense and helps other members to stay in the guide line. This prevents from deviation.

-V picked Jin as a ‘Member who tries the best for other BTS members’. This is because even in hotels, Jin practices until late at night. He is thankful of Jin trying so hard for the team.

-To the question, “How do you react to haters and malicious comments?” Jin answered, “I don’t really keep it inside me. I don’t care about it and try not to think about it too much. I usually say ‘Whatever’ and pass on.

-To the question, “What if all BTS members fall in love to one girl?” Jin answered, “I’ll give up straight away.”

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

– On his birthday in 2018, he made a donation to several stray dog shelters

-Became a member of ‘Honors Club’ because he donated more than 100 million won to UNICEF

– already has a name for his future kids. ‘Yoosun’ from yoobi’s son. He wants to give his child a DolLimJa, which is a part of a name that is common to the same generation of a family

-At the 2015 Hwayang Yeonhwa Concert he cried and said, “My childhood dream was to become like my father”, and “I hope I will be a proud son to my mother someday.”

As the youngest son who was born in a harmonious and rich family, he grew up having various experiences. He went traveling overseas, learned how to golf, ski, snowboard, and swim. Jin also went to other countries to learn a new language. He has the most experiences from reality, so among BTS members, he is the best member who knows what is needed and necessary in certain situations.

– J-Hope said ‘Jin knows exactly what to do to become happy’

-Thanks to his uncle who owns a strawberry farm, he has experienced farming for several months and mentioned he wants to do farming after retirement

Source from BTS Twitter (@BTS_twt)

“If you bear one, you get two, and if you bear two, you get four. If you endure now, you can earn a big chance one day. So I’m just doing what I’ve been given faithfully until that time comes.”

As the eldest member of a group that is receiving tremendous attention from the world, Jin tries his best to keep the team bright and positive by taking care of each members at the back. Jin says he is happy when the other person smiles and that is why he tries to be funny and tries dead jokes. How can we not love this guy?

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Jin playing the guitar and Jimin singing

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