It’s already Chuseok next week! Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving which is a major harvest festival. It is a three-day holiday and is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month on lunar calendar of the full moon. During Chuseok, people wear Hanbok. Hanbok is Korean traditional dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. Since nowadays people spend their holidays less traditionally and have modernized some procedures, not many people wear Hanbok at home, but some families still stick to the traditional ways. Today I am going to introduce idol groups who pulled off Hanbok perfectly in their own looks!


When Blackpink made their comeback stage, global fans fell in love with their outfits! Later, it is reported that they customized Hanbok for the stage to introduce the beauty of Hanbok. It does look a little different from the original Hanbok style but it still contains the beauty of it.

Check out Blackpink’s stage wearing Hanbok below,

2. BTS

BTS wore Hanbok in their ‘IDOL’ Music Video and on stages. BTS members also enjoy wearing modernized hanbok in daily life. Jimin wore Hanbok in the latest episode of ‘BTS In The Soop’ and gained a lot of attention from world wide fans. Suga also wore Hanbok in his ‘Daechwita’ music video. It’s good to see them wear Korean traditional outfits on stages and introduce to global fans!

Here are videos of BTS in their Hanbok below,

3. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl members wore Hanbok and danced to ‘Secret Garden’ during their fan sign event. One of the fans wrote on comments “The lightness and elegance of the choreography suits so well with Hanbok“. Moreover, they also wore Hanbok as their outfit for ‘Destiny’ stage on a TV program called ‘Queendom’. Two styles of Hanbok were very different but they pulled off both of the styles.

Enjoy their performances in Hanbok below!

4. Vixx-N

Vixx’s N majored in dancing and said he made and produced the stage himself. N wore black and red Hanbok and female dancers wore flowered Hanbok at the back. In his outfit, uou can feel the gentle and modest beauty of hanbok that cannot be found in other traditional clothes. I personally think his song suits really well with his song!

Here is a video of N’s performance video in Hanbok.

5. Zico & Kang Daniel

Zico and Kang Daniel wore Hanbok in Pepsi’s advertisement song ‘Refresh’. Not only they wore traditional Hanbok, but also they customized Hanbok into a modern suit and wore it. Both of them pulled it off perfectly. It was a great opportunity to introduce Hanbok to the world. In addition, the music video contains more Korean traditional aspects such as Hangeul (Korean letters) and traditional music along with Korean traditional instruments.

Check out their ‘Refresh’ music video below,

What are your thoughts on Hanbok? Aren’t they beautiful? If you know more stars that glam in Hanbok, leave a comment below!

Also, have a great Chuseok Holiday 🙂

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