On September 23, Tzuyu of Twice left a message on TWICE’s official Instagram of Gucci’s news.

She wrote, “We were suppose to go and see pets today to adopt them, but Gucci left our side yesterday afternoon. Gucci. Thank you for giving us good memories. I hope you will be good at a better place. We’ll pray for you from here.”

She also posted in Chinese,

“I was originally planning to adopt a mommy and daughter pair of dogs, and I was going to see them on September 24. However, you left our side yesterday. Our baby Gucci…

You really left us. Every time I would go home, I cherished the time I had with you. I would pet you and kiss you because I never knew when the next time I would be able to see you again and if I could even see you again, especially because I can’t go home often to see you during the year. Even though I couldn’t see you much, you already turned 11 years old. I knew your health was slowly declining. I was heartbroken to hear you left our side.

You were a dog who was warm, considerate, cute, handsome, smart, and nice. You had that unique charm in your personality, and as you quietly watched around us, you spent both happy and sad times with us.

I’m so glad you were with me. Thank you, Gucci, for being with us for so many years. To us, you’re family. We’ll miss you. I’ll remember the sound of you walking around, wearing your bell, the sound of your barks, and your pretty, big, round eyes.

I hope you’ll be happy in another world. We love you Gucci, and we’ll pray for you to be in a better place.”

referenced from allkpop

Meanwhile, Tzuyu had Gucci since she was 10 years old, and often posted pictures of the Gucci on TWICE’s social media so fans are sad to hear this news. Hope you feel better there Gucci.

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