If you are a k-pop fan, you must know that idols are very strict with their diet and weight loss. Sometimes it can get too much and try unhealthy ways to lose weight because they are obsessed. But remember, being healthy is one of the most important things and everyone is perfect no matter what! Today, I am going to introduce idol stars who succeeded in diet and changed their image & life.

1. Suzy

When Suzy first debuted, her image was a little different from now. She used to be cute and lovely where as now she is more elegant and beautiful. When Suzy was filming her first drama ‘Dream High’, she gained a bit of weight. After the drama, Suzy succeeded on her diet and fans were surprised at her new looks. She tried not to eat after 6pm and exercised often by doing easy moves.

2. IU

Before IU lost weight, she was already slim but she lost 10kg after debut. IU’s diet is famous online and people who were on diet followed her meal plans. But later, she said the diet plan she did wasn’t healthy and she didn’t rely on it for long period. It was only for less than a week when she needs to loose weight quickly before comeback or photo shoots. Now her size is 33 which is almost the same as a kid size.

3. Red Velvet Joy & Wendy

Before Wendy made a debut, she wasn’t as slim as now. She tried all kinds of diet from ‘one food diet’ to ‘Hell of 13 days diet’. Hell of 13 days diet is, you eat one piece of apple and run in the field for 40 rounds. You also do jump-ropes for 2,000 times. But this method is not healthy. Wendy said nowadays, she exercises a lot and eat less before a comeback stage.

Joy’s diet was after her debut. She lost 8kg after debut. Before, Joy thought it is important to eat less, but now she thinks it’s important to exercise. Also, she mentioned numbers don’t matter, it’s the size that really matters. Joy showed some of her exercising moves on TV that’s good for your legs. She is stunning now and is also healthy!

Source from Herald Pop

4. Twice Jihyo

When Twice’s Jihyo first appeared on Twice’s survival debut program ‘Sixteen’, JYP said Jihyo looks like she gained weight. She needs to control her diet. After debut, Jihyo lost so much weight that even her fans were surprised. She got stressed about weight loss that she worked out for four hours a day. Now Jihyo looks healthy and happy so that’s what it matters 🙂

5. Leehi

When Leehi appeared on ‘K-pop Star’, she was a student and young so she was a bit chubby and cute. But after she signed the contract with YG Entertainment, Lee Hi started to loose weight and after she moved to AOMG, her image totally changed. She is slim and glowing in new looks and style. Lee Hi tries to eat slowly and exercise to keep healthy.

Do you think their images changed a lot through weight loss? Good thing is, most stars started to become healthy and realized the importance of exercising. If you are on a diet, remember that eating less is not a healthy way to lose weight. It’s important to exercise and eat healthy food like vegetable and nutritious meals! Also, remember everyone is perfect no matter what!

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