BTS surely is making another history in music! Their new song ‘Dynamite’ has topped on Billboard Chart ‘Hot 100’ again!!! Two weeks in a row?! There’s only about 20 songs that topped on the chart for two weeks so this is amazing! Congratulations BTS 🙂

In Korea, Typhoons are all gone so we are back with good weather. But we are still fighting over COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully it will get better soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget to wear your masks and wash your hands often! Stay safe guys.

TIKTOK Weekly chart is made based on best TIKTOK videos including; likes, comments, shares etc.

*This week’s TIKTOK chart is calculated from September 6~ September 12. *


Best Contents is TIKTOK videos that received most likes, comments, shares etc from the previous week.

1. Who wants to do a duet with JIN?! Come in!!!


아미들 같이 춤춰요! 🐹#BTS #방탄소년단 🕺Dance ‘Dynamite’ with Jin 🐹 #듀엣고고 #Dance_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite

♬ Dynamite – BTS
#Dance_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite

2. Um…Excuse me? You Are Not Allowed To Sleep Here!

3. Magician JiSukJin’s Tennis ball soaked in water

#magic #jisukjin

4. Look at this beautiful Taegeuk Cookie!

5. Happy Birthday Young Ji!

6. Making high quality Triangular Kimbap at home

#foryou #fyp #delicious #goodiea #cooking

7. Staying at home is safe and fun!

#tiktokclass #hobby

8. When your friend puts on make up for the first time

#seahssam #fyp #meme #capcut

9. Prank on my brother

10. Kaito Kuroba stole my heart!


Best Stars’ is selected by calculated views of seven days (30%) + increase of followers (30%) + number of uploaded videos (30%) + likes for the videos (10%)

  1. Blackpink Official

2. BTS

3. Somi

4. stray kids

5. NCT Official

6. Tomorrow X Together

7. CLC

8. Lee young Ji

9. Twice

10. Super M

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