Do you know what Sum Deud Myeong is? It means ‘Ssum-eo seo deud neun myeong-gog’, meaning listening to masterpiece songs secretly.

This word was first made in a program called MMTG. MMTG (Mun myeong teug geub) is one of SBS’s YouTube channel and it introduces new culture to people. Later, they started interviewing k-pop idols both who are working and not working in the field. MMTG started searching songs that were nice and addictive but was a bit embarrassing to listen to due to weird lyrics or crazy melody through a sub corner. The corner they came up with was called ‘Sum Deud Myeong’.

MC is very funny and makes guests comfortable so the program is popular among many fandom and has nearly 800,000 subscribers. Her nick name is Yeon ban in meaning half celebrity and half ordinary person. She prepares very well for an interview and studies meticulously that’s probably why fans like her so much.

Good news is, now we can watch this program on TV. MMTG will be aired on SBS on Friday at 10pm. Since it is already a sub channel of SBS and is famous to fans and artists, they have decided to air it on TV. If you are a fan of MMTG, don’t miss our their broadcast on TV!

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