On September 14, MBC’s Newsdesk reported two members of Choshinsung is on suspicion for illegal gambling.

Two members; Yoon Hak and Sung jae, are currently in their thirties, and are being accused of playing Baccarat at a casino in the Philippines illegally from 2016 through 2018. One of the two also attempted online gambling on an illegal site that’s approximately up to 50 million won (roughly $42,300 USD). Police have reported that both members did not go to the Philippines as a gambling purpose but went for traveling and happened to gamble there by chance. 

Moreover, Yoon Hak has been infected to COVID19 back in March and was the first celebrity to get infected of the disease. He has infected a sexual service staff so people were shocked at the news. Currently, police is expanding their investigation to see if there are any other related illegal gamblers to these two.

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