It’s getting a bit chilly these days! Make sure to check the temperature before you go outside so you don’t get cold. Now, let’s check out who won the September’s second week music charts.

Watheydo ‘Weekly music chart’ provides winners of Korea’s Music Chart of the week and is updated on Mondays!

M COUNTDOWN : Second Week Of September

Congratulations ITZY! ‘Not Shy’ receives the first place! Nominees of this week’s first place were ‘DAY6 (Even of Day)’s ‘and ‘ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’. ITZY came in first and it was meaningful to them since it was their last performance of ‘Not Shy’s promotion. Congratulations guys!

MUSIC BANK : Second Week Of September

Congratulations BTS! Again, ‘Dynamite’ has won the first place on Music Bank! Super Junior-D&E ‘s ‘B.A.D’ competed with BTS. ‘Dynamite’ won by 7454 points over ‘B.A.D’s 3672 points. BTS could not make it to the stage due to their promotion schedule.

SHOW MUSIC CORE : Second Week Of September

For the second week of September on ‘Show Music Core’, BTS’s ‘Dynamite’, SSAK3’s ‘Beach Again’ and Blackpink’s ‘Icecream’ were the nominees of first place. And the first place went to BTS by 9,755 points! Congratulations BTS! Unfortunately, non of these three nominees could perform on stage because their promotion has ended or due to schedule.

INKIGAYO : Second Week Of September

Congratulations BTS for winning the first place with ‘Dynamite’. Second place was BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s ‘Ice Cream’ and third place went to ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’.

Congratulations BTS for winning three music programs! You guys are truly making history. Also, congratulations for #1 on Billboard Hot 100 🙂

If you wonder who will win the #1 Award for next week, stay tuned. We will update every Monday of each week’s winners!

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