On September 12, it was BTS’s RM birthday and he celebrated his birthday in a meaningful way!

According to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), RM made a generous donation of 100 million won (approximately $84,200) on his birthday. The donation will be used for reprinting art books that are hard to find or that are out of print. Some of the books will be sent to 400 schools including elementary, middle and high schools in Korea. The reprinted books will also be available to purchase in the museum’s bookstore.

The director of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Yoon Bum Mo commented, “RM expressed his desire to support the field of art because he finds inspiration and comfort from art. Just as he was able to gain a deeper understanding of art through books, he shared his hope that children and youth who may not find it easy to access museums will be able to easily come into contact with art [through these books]. We were delighted and surprised by his wish.”

He continued, “Together with RM, who continually visits the museum in spite of his busy schedule and has been a positive influence in increasing interest in art, we will work hard to expand the practice of reading books about art (referenced by Soompi) .”

Another good influence from BTS! Good job RM 🙂 AND Happy Belated Birthday.

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