There was a controversial after Sulli’s documentary ‘Why Did You Find Sulli Uncomfortable’ was aired on MBC.

On September 10, MBC released a documentary titled ‘Why Did You Find Silli Uncomfortable?’. In the documentary, Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany and mom had an interview about Sulli. Tiffany had known Sulli since young and they shared dorms together. Sull’s mom shared about Sull’s relationship with Choiza and of how she did not support the relationship. She also mentioned everything was perfect until Sulli dated Choiza. After the show aired, many hate comments were written to Choiza and Sull’s mom. Netizens are saying they are not sure what the purpose of the documentary was.

On September 11, the producer of this documentary had an interview. Lee Mo Hyun, the producer said, “In Sulli’s case, I wanted to look in-depth and at all sides of someone who was a controversial figure. I knew that we could create more judgment about her if we weren’t careful, so we wanted to shine a light on her in the format of a in-depth documentary.” She also added, “This documentary was a series of ‘Docuflex’ and the purpose of this series is to change people and their thoughts by showing the side of our society. “ She also spoke with Sull’s mother during the process because she though family’s consent was the most important thing. Sull’s family agreed with airing the documentary to show Sull’s other sides that people didn’t know about. Also, the reason why Sull’s mom appeared on TV was because she was the only one to speak up for her daughter. She felt pressure about being on TV but decided to take the interview as a gift for Sulli.

Moreover, the reason she dealt with Choiza was because the relationship and himself was an important moment of Sull’s life. The PD also said people were too harsh on the couple. It wasn’t like they were married. They only had an age gap in between but people were commenting maliciously and making rumors of the couple. In addition, Lee Mo Hyun didn’t expect Choiza to become the target of such excessive hate comments after the documentary. The documentary was about not making people into targets like that but they are doing it again. They must have misunderstood the purpose. PD added, “We had no intention of criticizing Choiza in the documentary. Sulli sincerely loved Choiza. He was someone who gave her strength, so we mentioned him in the documentary, never thinking that he would get hate comments in response. Sulli’s mother was happy that Sulli found someone when she was lonely and thanked him for making her happy. That part was edited out of the broadcast for time issues.”

Lee Mo Hyun concluded, “Through this documentary, I wanted to show the reason of many people being uncomfortable with Sulli and the reason that she was judged by so many people was because of our narrow perception of what a female idol could be. It was supposed to make us reflect on our prejudices. I hoped that no person would be singled out for criticism. The reason for her passing is complicated. It’s not for a single reason like hate comments or her relationship. She had a lot of anxiety, she was estranged from her family, and a lot of things around her were difficult. It’s not right to say that one thing or one person was responsible for her death. In the end, if we aim on one person and that person becomes a target, nothing changes from the tragic past. Tragedy will just keep happening.”

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