Due to COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, many people are staying indoors and working from home. For idols, it’s not an exception! A lot of events and broadcasts have been cancelled due to the situation and they have to stay home. Guess what happens when idols stay home and get bored!

Today I have brought a list of IDOL CHANNELS introducing fun activities during quarantine. It’s broadcast through V Live (A.K.A Vapp) or their own YouTube channel.

1. SATURDAY – Glass Deco

SATURDAY, a girl group who debuted back in 2018 tried Glass Deco! They have previously broadcast how to decorate Polaroid pictures and tried making honey comb coffee. SATURDAY is constantly trying new activities that fans can try during COVID-19 Pandemic. Check out their most recent live stream on V Live below,

2. ONF, E-tion – Dalgona (honeycomb) Coffee

Have you seen idols making Dalgona Coffee? E-Tion was one of the first idols to make this coffee. According to the fans who have actually counted, he stirred the coffee for 36 minutes non-stop. While making this coffee, she sang and showed Aegyo to entertain his fans. Enjoy the video below!

3. VICTON, Sejun – Ice cream on frozen plate

Doing fun activities and making stuff at home has recently become a trend among idols because of social distancing. Where as Sejun, he just likes to eat. He has been trying to make ice cream on frozen plate for many years now. When Sejun asks other Victon members to try his made ice cream, they all frown and avoids tasting because of the texture. LOL

4. PRISTIN, Nayoung – Tanghulu

Nayoung who is the leader of Pristin tried making Tanghulu during quarantine. It wasn’t that difficult for her to make it. To be honest, fans were more focused on her visuals than the strawberries. If you are interested in making Tanghulu, you can buy the kit from the convenient store easily in Korea!

5. THE BOYZ – Playing Mafia Game

Since there are 11 boys in the group, when they gather around and play games it reminds of a college retreat. The Boyz played Mafia (Werewolf) game. If your retreat got cancelled due to COVID-19, try out playing this game with your friends online!

6. FROMIS_9, Jisun – ASMR

Jisun from FROMIS_9 has been uploading a series of ASMR on FROMIS_9 Official YouTube Channel. Her videos include role-plays, make up tips, what’s in my pouch and so on. If you are interested in ASMR, go and check out her channel!


Do you know what JSMR is? It’s combined with Jeno and ASMR. Jeno of NCT Dream also has been uploading a series of ASMR. Some fans are not too sure if it’s ASMR though since it’s funny and not quiet. He uploads a lot of eating sounds and in some videos, other NCT members appear. If you like ASMR but want to watch something unique, go and try his channel!

8. SEVENTEEN – Going Seventeen

GOING SEVENTEEN is a reality show by SEVENTEEN. The show is all about SEVENTEEN doing activities, behind the scenes of music shows, award shows, events, concert, photo-shoots, mini reality show, challenges and everything else (referenced from fandom). If you are a Carot and carious about what they do during quarantine, go and check out their channel!

9. BTS – Run BTS!

Run BTS is variety show by BTS, that is broadcast weekly, offered for free viewing on V Live. The show started since 2015. In each episode, BTS solve missions, complete challenges, and play fun games that can sometimes earn prizes or penalties. Here is the recent episode of RUN BTS below,

If you are bored from staying home during quarantine, try watching these videos above and try following them! Also, let us know if there are any other interesting channels introducing fun activities!

Source from: CQ Korea, YouTube

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