Idol stars use most of their childhood as a trainee or some of them even debut at a young age. Therefore, it is hard for them to go to school, take classes like normal students and make friends. Some idols get trained in several agencies because they move to other companies due to few reasons. Most of them make friends during their training period because they spend time together a lot. Or they meet during broadcasts and diverse events. Today I am going to introduce 5 unexpected friendships who are not in the same group.

1. Blackpink Jennie & Red VelvetIrene

Many of you guys might be already aware of this friendship. Jennie and Irene met each other at their hair and makeup shop. They went to the same salon and Jennie first went up to Irene for a conversation. Later on, these two became best friends and spend free time together. Also, a picture of Irene and Jennie having a meal in NYC was taken. In the picture, they were fighting over a bill because they both wanted to pay for it. Irene said on a program that Jennie paid for the meal at last and both burst into laughter. What a cute friendship!

2. Shinee Taemin & Exo Kai

Taemin and Kai is the next duo! They met each other at a young age at SM Entertainment during their training period. Kai first asked Taemin to become friends and they became very close to each other because of them liked dancing very much. Even though they debuted in a different group, you can see them collaborating together like dancing or on TV programs since they are in the same agency. Taemin and Kai look similar too so some people even know them as brothers! LOL

3. 96 GIRLS! Apink – Oh Ha Young & Red VelvetJoy & GFriendYerin

Three girls all went to same high school, ‘School of performing arts Seoul’. All of them entered school after debut so they must have supported and helped each other during their hard days. They also go volunteering together regularly to animal shelters and commonly, all three of them have dogs. Another common thing about 96 group is, they don’t have any same aged members in their group so they seem to stick together more often.

4. BTS V & Park Hyung Sik & Park Seo Joon

This trio met during a Korean drama shoot called ‘Hwarang’, which is a Korean historical drama. After the drama ended, they kept in touch and regularly spend time together. They also go on vacations with each other and upload on social media. Moreover, you can find them commenting each other on Instagram often. Park Hyung Sik used to be a singer and became an actor so I think he will understand both V and Park Seo Joon’s career. Often called as visual members, many fans support their friendship.

5. Twice Nayeon & Red VelvetYeri

Episode of how Nayeon and Yeri first became friends is a little bit funny and cute. When Twice first had a curfew, Nayeon didn’t want to go back to her dorm. So She stayed outside her house with Yeri and shared her secret. From that moment, they became best friends. Whenever they are having a hard time, they would text to cheer them up and support each other. Nayeon also appeared on ‘Yeri’s room’ which is Yesi’s TV show.

I thought these friendships were unexpected because most of them are in different groups or not working in the same company. All friendships are valuable and cute 🙂

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