On September 8, Lovelyz’s Mijoo released an official apology regarding her mistake on web variety show.

“Hello. This is Lovelyz’s Mijoo.

I became aware that a ‘Mijoo Pickchu’ video became controversial, so I’ve apologized to the person through staffs. At the time, I asked the guest for his consent, but I would like to once again apologize for making a careless speech that was said without thinking it would cause many fans and viewers watching to feel uncomfortable.

Again, I apologize to the non-celebrity guest who must have been the most distressed over this situation, and I’ll become more cautious with my words and behavior and work harder.

I once again apologize for causing many people concerned.

Back in June, Mijoo had an interview with a male guest who was the same age as her on a web variety show. The show was called ‘Mijoo Pickchu’ and was uploaded on The K-POP YouTube channel. During the conversation, Mijoo asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” and “How far have you gone with her?” The guest replied that he had been dating his girlfriend for 200 days, and Mijoo commented, “You must have gone all the way, that’s for sure.” After the guest tried to deny it, Mijoo asked, “Are you a man?” and looked towards the direction of his legs. The production team added the caption, “Why is she looking down?” and asked, “Where are you looking at?” but Mijoo said, “It’s a misunderstanding.” Mijoo said it as a joke tone but many people were uncomfortable watching it.

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