It’s not easy to meet your favorite artist, especially when they are world wide stars. So some people even change their dreams to become an artist. Idols who I am going to introduce today, were once fans of their favorite artist, but became a star and met together! We call them ‘seongdeog‘ which means a successful fan.

1. Somi ♥ Gong Min Zi

Somi is well known for being a huge fan of 2NE1. She first dreamed of becoming a singer after she saw Gong Min Zi on TV. After Somi made a debut through a survival show, she had a chance to be in the same group as Gong Min zi. The group was called ‘Unnies’ and was made through a TV program. Somi said Gong Min Zi was her role-model and she even sang 2NE1 song at the audition and got accepted. Her dream came true!

2. Seventeen‘s Hoshi ♥ Shinee’s Key

If you are a carat (Seventeen’s fandom), you must know that Hoshi is a huge fan of Shinee’s Key. Their names even appear together on one of Korea’s famous search engine. Before Hoshi’s debut, he went to Shinee’s concerts and practiced their songs. Hoshi’s dream came true when he met Key during M Countdown! Key gave Hoshi his signed CD and Hoshi couldn’t be more happier.

3. BTSJungkook IU

First album Jung Kook ever bought was IU’s album. As you guys know, IU didn’t become a star straight after her debut. She had some time gap until she became famous but Jungkook was a fan since her debut. His most respectful artist is IU and said he wants to sing a duet with her. When IU got best awards for Melon’s music award in 2107, Jungkook smiled and sincerely congratulated her. We hope your dreams come true Jungkook! Can’t wait for their duet!

4. Oh My Girl‘s Yooa ♥ BOA

Oh My Girl’s Yooa said she was BOA’s fan since young. During JTBC’s ‘Idol Room’, Yooa said she would watch Boa’s music videos after school and her favorite was ‘Atlantis Princess’. Yooa first met Boa through a TV program called ‘Food Diary’. They exchanged phone numbers and texted each other since then. When they took pictures together, Yooa said she almost cried.

5. Got 7‘s BamBam ♥ Rain

Bambam’s mom is a huge fan of Rain. When Bambam went to Rain’s concert with his family, he got cast by JYP Entertainment. Few years later, he joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee. Also, before he joined the agency, Bambam won Rain’s cover dance competition. He got Rain’s fan meeting ticket as a price. He became a singer due to his mom’s fandom! His case is unusual but Bambam also mentioned that he is a big fan of Rain.

Guys, It’s never too late to meet your favorite artist! You can become an artist and meet them 🙂 If you know any more stars who were once a big fan of an artist, leave a comment below 🙂

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