Welcome back:) It is already September!! Guess who the winners are of September’s first week!

Watheydo ‘Weekly music chart’ provides winners of Korea’s Music Chart of the week and is updated on Mondays!

M COUNTDOWN : First Week Of September

Congratulations ITZY! ‘Not Shy’ receives their third win! Nominees of this week’s first place were ‘ATEEZ’s ‘THANXX’ and ‘ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’. ITZY came in first with a total score of 6,838 to ATEEZ’s 4,004.

MUSIC BANK : First Week Of September

Congratulations BTS! ‘Dynamite’ receives wins again for this week’s first place on Music Bank! ITZY’s ‘Not Shy’ competed with BTS. ‘Dynamite’ won by 6569 points over ‘Not Shy’s 3710 points.

SHOW MUSIC CORE : First Week Of September

For the first week of September on ‘Show Music Core’, BTS’s ‘Dynamite’, SSAK3’s ‘Beach Again’ and Jessi’s ‘NUNU NANA’ were the nominees of first place. And the first place went to BTS by 9,657 points! Congratulations!

INKIGAYO : First Week Of September

Congratulations to BTS for winning first place with ‘Dynamite’! Second place was BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez’s ‘Ice Cream’ and the third place went to Jessi’s “NUNU NANA.”

Congratulations guys 🙂

If you wonder who will win the #1 Award for next week, stay tuned. We will update every Monday of each week’s winners!

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