I don’t even know how much it rained in the last week of August. It was just full of rain. In addition, COVID-19’s confirmed cases have increased insanely and this has made people anxious. We couldn’t have meetings or go outside to enjoy weekends.

One of the good news was BTS made a comeback with their English single ‘Dynamite’. World wide fans were super excited about this news and they were curious of how many new records they will make this time.

*This week’s TIKTOK chart has been calculated from August 23~ August 29. *


‘Best Contents’ is best TIKTOK videos that received most likes, comments, shares etc from the previous week.

1. We all love Dynamite!

#BTS #방탄소년단 🕺Dance ‘Dynamite’ with me #Dance_Dynamite #BTS_Dynamite

2. Come in if you have failed online shopping!

#jeeseokjin #shopping 

3. Hoping All Jeju residents are safe!

#typhoon #jeju #typhoonbavi

4. I think this is what people do..No?

5. This is why people say Shindong is a good dancer!


6. Um this is like little mochi kinda….i don’t know..it’s just a cute puppy

7. If you are good at hanging out by yourself, you have to sing duet karaoke by yourself!

#popcornkaraoke #ohmygirl#Dolphin #playingalone

8. Who likes thick lips?

9. No oven! super easy chocolate mochi recipe

10. Why we are attracted to bad girls

#outfit #fashion


‘Best Stars’ is selected by calculated views of seven days (30%) + increase of followers (30%) + number of uploaded videos (30%) + likes for the videos (10%)

  1. BLACKPINK Official
  2. Tomorrow X Together
  3. Somi
  4. Twice
  5. BTS
  6. Namolla Family
  7. Deejaysoda
  8. Hyoyeon_djhyo
  9. iamhenry
  10. mamamoo_official

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