On August 26, MNet’s ‘TMI News’ aired <Idol stars with most expensive cars Best 10>. Out of the ranking, today I would like to introduce Top 5 Korean idol stars who own the most expensive cars!

#5 Jay Park

Jay Park is ranked on #5. Jay Park is an American singer, and founder and CEO of hip hop record labels AOMG and H1GHR Music. He owns ‘Bentley- Flying Spur‘. It is approximately starts at just over $200,000 and will cost more if you add more options. From its twin-turbocharged V-12 engine to its opulent leather-and-wood-lined enclave of a cabin, the Flying Spur is built to both pamper its passengers and thrill its driver. 

#4 Kim Dong Wan – Shinhwa

Kim Dong Wan is ranked on #4 for driving one of the most expensive cars. Kim Dong wan is a member of Shinhwa and is also an actor. He owns ‘Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG’. His car is a limited edition, and there are only 30 of them imported in Korea, and the price is around $245,000 US.

#3 Chanyeol – EXO

chanyeol is on a third place for having one of the most expensive cars among k-pop idol stars! Chanyeol is a South Korean singer, a member of EXO. Chanyeol owns ‘Mercedes-AMG G65 AMG‘. This car is a representative SUV car of Benz and a lot of other stars; Baekhyun, Dok2, superbee etc own the same model as Chanyeol. This car is around $310,000 US.

#2 Yumdda

Yumdda is a South Korean rapper and former VJ for MTV Korea. He is placed on top 2 for having one of the most expensive cars! Yumdda wasn’t that famous as a rapper but he did perform regularly in underground field. One day, he started selling t-shirts and made a huge success from it. He sold around $ 1,770,000 US in only three days! Yumdda bought this car and gave it to himself as his 31st birthday gift. His car is ‘lamborghini aventador‘. This car is around $509,000 US.

#1 G-Dragon – Big Bang

G-Dragon is the owner of most expensive cars among k-pop idol stars! He owns three cars that sum up to around $1,350,000 US. He owns ‘Rolls Royce Phantom’, ‘Lamborghini Aventador‘, and ‘Bentley Continental gt’. It is said that G Dragon earns around $850,000 US every year from his music copyrights. Congratulations!

Source From MNet’s ‘TMI News’

Wow these idols are really young and rich! Among all of the cars above, which one is your favorite? Write on the comments below.

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